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Ice T, Felicia Day, Weird Al, and Other Celebs Record Dungeons and Dragons Short Story Collection for Audible

Don't hate the playa, hate the campaign.

If you’re not a regular listener of Ice T’s Final Level podcast (in which case you should rectify this problem immediately), then you may have missed the news a few months ago that the rapper-turned-SVU-detective recently recorded the narration for a short story based on the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Now we finally get to hear the fruits of his labor — and geez, would you look at who else is in this cast?

Released today by Audible, the The Legend of Drizzt: The Collected Stories was written by R.A. Salvatore (primarily made up of classic stories originally published in Forgotten Realms anthologies and Dragon Magazine) and features an exciting and eclectic cast of celebrity narrators. In addition to Ice T, Felicia Day, Weird Al Yankovic, Sean Astin, Greg Grunberg, Tom Felton, Wil Wheaton, Dan Hamon, Danny Pudi, Melissa Rauch, Michael Chilkis, and David Duchovny have all lent their voices to the project. Yes, dear friends, if you’ve ever wanted to hear Fox Mulder describe “the journey of aged barbarian Wulfgar as he knowingly sets out on one last hunt,” then this is a glorious day for you indeed.

The series will be free for the next 40 days —that’s until midnight on September 21th — with an Audible account, or you can listen to passages from the 18-hour book on Soundcloud. Trust me, it’s worth the effort just to hear Weird Al speak the words, “never had he been so proud of his gutbusters.”

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