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The Trailer for Sarah Silverman’s New Show I Love You, America Is a Musical Examination of White Privilege

That's my exact aesthetic.

The show wants to connect with "un-like-minded people" but from the trailer, it looks like this will be less about making sure Trump voters and white nationalists feel heard, and more about learning about our blindspots from those with different life experiences.

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Hollywood’s Insistence on Making Max Landis “A Thing” Is a Symptom of Its Endemic Sexism

If we're to believe exclusively what we're told, Max Landis is a big deal. And we're repeatedly told he's a big deal for reasons having nothing to do with his famous father and everything to do with the fact that...he gets paid a lot of money for scripts that end up not being successful?

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DirecTV Humors Racists With Refunds After NFL “Take a Knee” Protests

It's always so amusing to me that the people who are usually the first to complain that others are too "easily offended" by things like, you know, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobialittle things like that—are the first to kick, scream, and attempt to curtail the freedom of others over things that don't actually affect anyone's actual life.

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Louise Linton, Wife of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Should Probably Not Try to Do Words Anymore

I would say the internet never forgets, but let's be honest. Louise Linton is entirely forgettable.

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Tina Fey Has Some Great Advice for People Who Don’t Actually Want to Do Anything About White Supremacy

Let them eat sheet cake.

Sure, it's "just a joke," and Fey is a comedian, not an activist. But that justification just feels lazy when the comedian in question is talking about violent racists on an ostensibly political show. And most definitely not when that comedian is someone a lot of women look up to–specifically a lot of white women, who, as a group, have consistently and historically been given endless permission for complacency.

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Spineless New Jersey College Fires Black Professor For Expressing an Angry Opinion on Television

Former Essex County College professor and political commentator Lisa Durden was fired from her professorship, because she went on a talk show and expressed a valid opinion in too loud and angry a voice.

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Yup, Susan Sarandon Still Thinks That Trump-Inspired “Revolution” Is Going Just Great

Probably because she's not really affected by it.

Susan Sarandon still thinks Trump is bringing about a revolution, but most people don't share her view on that silver lining.

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An Open Letter to My White Female Friends Who Voted for Trump

If you're standing by your choice, why won't you defend it? And to those of you who have been open with your admiration...what exactly do you admire about him?

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Gabrielle Union Graciously Offers to Educate Amy Schumer on White Privilege Even Though That Shouldn’t Be Her Job

After the now-infamous Lenny Letter in which both Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer became the poster girls for White Feminism, Gabrielle Union was apparently one of the black voices Dunham listened to before finally apologizing for her careless comments. Now, Union would like to have a similar conversation with Schumer.

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Orange Is the New Black Season Four and Intersectional Social Justice, Part Two [SPOILERS]

The Inmates vs. Each Other

Netflix’s Orange is the New Black has always been a bastion of diversity. It’s a mostly female, multi-ethnic, multi-racial cast that includes people of many different sexualities and gender expressions. However in its most recent season, the show’s fourth, it looks at issues of privilege more powerfully than it ever has before. Racism, sexism, ableism, and classism are explored within the system keeping the women of Litchfield imprisoned, and among the women themselves.

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Orange Is the New Black Season Four and Intersectional Social Justice, Part One [SPOILERS]

The System vs. The Inmates

Season 4 of Netflix's Orange is the New Black is its most substantive yet, which also makes it the most emotionally draining season of the show. It hits real-world issues hard, and as we see the effects of the prison industrial complex on both the prisoners and the guards on the show, we can see how important it is for social justice work to be intersectional.

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Things We Saw Today: The Daily Show‘s Jessica Williams Inspired Whitesboro to Rethink Their Village Seal

The official village seal of a small town in upstate NY made headlines this week, due in part to an ongoing investigation by Jessica Williams of The Daily Show.

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