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The 8 Best Fictional Weapons Wielded by Warrior Women

A.k.a. the bad-ass sci-fi and fantasy tools that we all wish we owned

In no particular order, here are my personal favorite weapons used by bad-ass women in genre fiction. Whether you're fighting a dragon or a zombie or a literal God, you have to bring the right tools, and these are the best I've seen wielded by ladies of fantasy and sci-fi.

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Man at Arms Built Arya’s Needle, Stabbed It Through Everything they Could Find

Woman at Arms.

Forge, impale. Forge, impale. Repeat.

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Check Out What a Star Wars Laser Bolt Would Look Like in Reality

We can't withstand firepower of that magnitude!

Physicists who really know how to market themselves put out this video of a laser pulse they're experimenting with that looks pretty reminiscent of the lasers in Star Wars when filmed with some clever camera tricks. Is there some kind of small exhaust port at the end of that hallway?

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Man at Arms: Reforged Built a Lightsaber Katana

An elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

We all want to be able to wield a real lightsaber (right?), but the technology just isn't available yet. The next best thing would have to be a badass katana with a lightsaber handle. That's exactly what the guys behind Man at Arms: Reforged have built, and it's incredible. You can see the whole process in the video.

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Joerg Sprave’s Oreo Slingshot Gets A Deadly Upgrade

What's more fun than a gun that shoots Oreos? A gun that shoots Oreos made of steel, of course. It's way better for exploding melons.

A few months ago, we brought you Joerg Sprave's entry for "best way to separate an Oreo," which -- and this will surprise no one familiar with Sprave's body of work -- took the form of a sort of Oreo shotgun that flung the delicious cookies at targets with great velocity, though to no serious impact. After all, it is just an Oreo. Now, Sprave has resurrected the project and, as is his wont, he's made the thing far more dangerous than it once was, replacing the Oreo ammunition with steel discs capable of blasting a whole through a tower of ballistic gel without slowing down.

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Joerg Sprave Decides Sword Is Not Dangerous Enough, Weaponizes Handle

FACT: Any time Sprave sees anything, his first thought is "Yeah, that's nice, but it would be better with a slingshot on it."

Slingshot builder extraordinaire Joerg Sprave has proven that he can make a weapon out of just about anything. What happens when you give him something that is already a weapon, though? Well, Sprave being Sprave, he will naturally turn the non-weapon end of it into another weapon. The man just can't help himself, folks!

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These Minimalist Prints of Sci-Fi Weapons Can Turn Any Room Into an Armory

From Mjolnir to the Sword of Omens, this collection of prints takes a simple look at some of our favorite magic and high-tech weapons.

Etsy user Harshness has a pretty great set of prints up at his online store, treating a wide array of nerdy subjects -- X-Men, Game of Thrones, and Star Wars are all represented heavily -- with minimalist aesthetics and inspiration from vintage travel, film and propaganda posters. His latest project is a series of ten prints paying homage to weaponry from across the worlds of fantasy, science fiction, comic books and cartoons, and we think they're pretty enough to share with you. Especially this original phaser, and the amazing Mjolnir print that you'll have to check out the rest of the gallery to see.

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This Replica of the Dead Space Plasma Cutter Will Burn Its Way Into Your Heart, Or Nightmares

Replicas of video game weapons are fun, but you can only get so much enjoyment out of waving a toy laser around and shouting, "Pew! Pew!" Sometimes you want to step your game up, and that's exactly what Patrick Priebe has done. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that show Dead Space Plasma Cutter replicas, but Priebe's actually fires lasers -- and it burns stuff.

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Navy Ships Getting Laser Weapons In 2014 [Video]

After years and billions of dollars spent in development, the Navy's Laser Weapon System (LaWS) has been deemed ready for primetime, meaning the directed-energy weapons will start making appearances on the decks of U.S. military ships beginning next year. The solid-state laser, which will make stage its coming out on the USS Ponce, is still in it prototype stage, and isn't yet capable of eliminating a missile or enemy jet, but Navy officials are confident that it could disable other ships, and as for drones...well, you can see it blasting one out of the air during a test in the video below.

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Plastic, One Piece 3D Printed Crossbow Is Just The Thing To Intimidate Your Foes [Video]

We've been thoroughly unnerved at the idea of 3D-printed firearms already. Now, one maker has taken it on himself to bring the 3D printed weapon movement back to the Dark Ages... or at least the Renaissance, using his 3D printer to build this nifty pistol-style hand crossbow. Check out the video below to see the gizmo -- because really, this isn't a weapon unless you're in middle school and assaulting some poor teacher's sanity -- in action.

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United States Army Totally Wanted a Seizure Gun Because of Pokémon

In 1997, an episode of the popular Pokémon cartoon caused over 700 people to suffer convulsions due to something called "photic seizure induction." Essentially, a series of images caused these people to experience symptoms common in bouts of epilepsy, like vomiting and convulsions. This might typically lead to a health discussion, such as how to stop this kind of event, but the United States Army actually wanted to make a weapon out of it.

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LARP Weapons Among Those Seized by Police at G20 Protests

They say to never bring a knife to a gun fight. Well, Brian Barrett learned that you should also never bring blunt arrows, chainmail, plastic clubs, and foam shields anywhere near the G20 summit when protests are going on.

The Toronto Police Department is putting on a display showing the weapons seized in the arrests surrounding the G20 protests. Among these weapons are the above list of items that Barrett was carrying on his way to a live-action role-playing event. Police took the items, saying it was just a matter of him being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But that hardly makes them relevant to the display. Also shown were a chainsaw and crossbow taken on Friday in completely unrelated incidents that weren't even near the summit.

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