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Things We Saw Today: David Oyelowo to Voice Disney Villain Scar in The Lion Guard

Be prepared! While it's difficult to imagine anyone living up to Jeremy Irons as Scar in Disney's classic The Lion King, David Oyelowo is an amazing choice as the voice of the disgruntled feline with vengeance in his heart.

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Uber Board Member Made a Sexist Joke During a Meeting to Discuss Problems With Sexism

How many sexists does it take to run Uber? A lot, apparently.

Do we need to point out the unpleasant irony that Bonderman, a man, interrupted Huffington, a woman, to talk about how women are always talking out of turn? I wouldn’t think so, and yet here we are.

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Things We Saw Today: The Simpsons Theme If It Were Actually the Cowboy Bebop Opening

Marvel at the glorious mash-up-itude. Grayson D on YouTube has created an awesome mash-up video blending The Simpsons into the opening of Cowboy Bebop. The result is truly awesome.

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Uber’s President Resigned After Only Six Months, Thanks to Its Toxic Culture

Abandon ship.

Uber is not having a great year.

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Uber Employees Tell CEO “We Have a Systemic Problem” Regarding Discrimination and Harassment

During a meeting with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, female employees at the embattled transportation company told Kalanick that there is a very real systemic problem present in their workplace.

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Things We Saw Today: Protests Against the #MuslimBan Grow

Protests against Trump's ban on refugees and immigrants from 7 Muslim-majority countries continued today in cities across the U.S.

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The Future! Uber Launches Self-Driving Cars in San Francisco, Amazon Completes Drone Delivery

Who needs drivers, or shipping delays, or jobs? Wait.

The technology of the future might not quite be flying cars and jetpacks (although we've got those, too) but things we never dreamed of—or at least things that didn't have quite the immediate appeal. While it may feel like, societally, we are backsliding into the past, we've got some futuristic tech milestones happening right around us with self-driving cars and automated delivery.

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Things We Saw Today: Stan Lee Is Totally Down to Do Cameos In DC Movies, Too!

Stan Lee is clearly at the age where he has zero fucks to give. As reported by Comic Book Resources, Stan Lee said that he'd love to do cameos in films outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What's more? He'd even do a DC movie.

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Uber Will Soon Assign Users Self-Driving Cars

Bloomberg points out that while Google, Tesla Motors, and Ford have been working on autonomous vehicles, Uber is the first to bring a "self-driving car-sharing service to market."

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Uber Passenger Helps Raise Money to Send Driver to Rio to See Son Compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics

Despite the bad things you sometimes hear about certain ridesharing services, the fact is that ridesharing also allows people an opportunity to connect. For one passenger and her driver, that connection allowed a father to go see his son compete in the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics.

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Uber Dismisses Thousands of Customer Service Tickets Claiming “Rape” or “Sexual Assault”

Or, Why You Should Use Lyft Instead

Oh Uber, will you ever get it right?

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Uber Attempts to Give Its Reputation a Lift With a UN Partnership to Hire 1 Million Female Drivers

So will the partnership be like Uber, but for jobs?

Ride-sharing giant Uber hasn't had the greatest track record with women, so they're finally doing something to try to turn it around—in PR terms, at the very least. They've partnered with the United Nations to hire 1 million female drivers by 2020.

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Up Is Down, Black Is White: Google Starts Work on Car Service While Uber Has Plans For Self-Driving Cars

Meanwhile, I still want nothing to do with Uber or self-driving vehicles of any kind.

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For $85 on Airbnb, You Can Be the Junk in Elon Musk’s Trunk

OK, on a technicality, but still.

A guy from Phoenix, Arizona noticed his Tesla Model S had enough back to fit an air mattress back there, and after using it as his own portable, environmentally friendly hotel several times, he's opening up the opportunity to everyone on Airbnb. $85 might seem like a steep asking price to sleep in a trunk, but the Model S probably cost him more than some people's homes you could stay in.

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Uber Executive Is Uber Jerk, Suggests “Digging Up Dirt” On Female Reporter Who Criticized Company’s Sexist Practices

Lyft: The lesser asshole.

Hey, you know what's a good way to make the public forget allegations that your company doesn't care about women? Planning a smear campaign against female journalists, of course!

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If You Live In NYC, Seattle, Or San Francisco, You Can Rent Kittens Today For $20

What's the opposite of the darkest timeline? We definitely live in that.

ASPCA, Cheezburger, and Uber are teaming up for National Cat Day to bring adorable kittens to your office. If that's not the greatest thing you've ever heard, then you might want to get yourself checked out with one of those X-ray machines from How The Grinch Stole Christmas, because your heart may be three sizes too small.

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Limo Service Uber Will Gouge You on New Year’s Eve, but They’re Upfront About It

Don't drink and drive. To prevent drinking and driving, companies like Uber offer smartphone apps that can summon classy limos and town cars, complete with driver, to your location. That's very noble of them, but Uber is also a business. That's why Uber has emailed its users to warn them of increased New Year's Eve pricing. It's part of what they call "surge pricing," but it sounds an awful lot like price gouging. They warn users that they can expect to pay a minimum of $100 for a ride during peak hours on New Year's Eve. For that much, the driver better be a jeet kune do master ready to take you on a crime-fighting adventure around town.

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Innovation’s Hard, Folks: Uber Pulls Out of NYC Taxi Business After Just Over a Month

Uber, the folks behind the glorious on-demand car service app that operates out of San Francisco and other cities, has officially shuttered their taxi services in New York City after just over a month of operation. Their more expensive black car service will continue to operate unimpeded, but their attempt to recruit the more traditional yellow taxis to the fold has failed for now. New York's Taxi and Limousine Commission's legal hurdles proved to be too much.

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At SXSWi 2011, Brands Take “Interactive” Literally

Group messaging and picture apps were the obvious contenders to break through at this year's South by Southwest, and based on the hundreds of thousands of GroupMe threads muted and Instagram filters applied, it seems that both varieties of apps are well poised for the mainstream. For countless other companies, however, making SXSW more than a four-day bender of a work write-off can be a challenge. Free beer and vaguely familiar musical acts work when you have marketing budgets the size of StumbleUpon's or Foursquare's, but it's hard to recite your elevator pitch when the crowd is moshing. We found several apps, sites and giant media conglomerates whose untraditional approaches to engage the tech set at SXSW involved more than “open the bar and they will come.”

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