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Charmin Wins Twitter Today with Thor: The Dark World “Asgardian” Joke [UPDATED]

Asgardian. Get it?

Charmin isn't just jumping on the Thor bandwagon. They want you to know that they've always been an Asgardian. Get it? Because it sounds like "ass guardian" and they make toilet paper -- for your butt. This is brilliant marketing at its finest.

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Touch-Free Toilet Paper Dispenser Improves Hygiene, Conservation

Meet the Camitool, a touch-free toilet paper dispenser developed and distributed by Japanese company, Shikoku, and another step in the direction of global robot domination.. The device uses a motion sensor to dispense the toilet paper, so users do not have to touch the machine. Soon, we might very well live in a world in which touching anything at all in a bathroom is unnecessary. Well, besides the obvious. But I don't want to get into that. Even though I already have in a way. So I guess I don't want to dig deeper into that; but I've done that too! I've said too much. Just make the jump for more info.

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You Too Can Buy KISS-Themed Hello Kitty Toilet Paper

It's hard to imagine the pitch to get the band KISS to endorse toilet paper. Or maybe it was just "this will make you money, probably" and that was enough. Sanrio, the company behind Hello Kitty merchandise, is willing to brand just about anything and it looks like they've met their match. KISS-themed Hello Kitty designs can now be found on the stuff people flush after use.

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App Lets You Put Your Twitter Feed Onto Toilet Paper

If you ever felt like your Twitter account amounts to nothing, now you can get it printed on paper! Paper that you'll use to clean up feces and then flush down a toilet! How (possibly) appropriate. Shitter is an app from Collector's Edition that will let you turn your Twitter feed into a roll of toilet paper. Four, actually. All you have to do is log on with your Twitter account and set up the order. At $35 a set or roughly $9 a roll, it's a little bit more expensive than your average bathroom tissue, but if you've got a few rolls of this, you'll never get stuck reading the back of a shampoo bottle again.

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Hacked Together Toilet Paper Printer Prints on Toilet Paper

Writing on toilet paper is no easy feat, but Mario Lukas' submission to the German hacker competition “Mach flott den Schrott“ (which Google translates as "make fast the crap") makes it look like a breeze. This Arduino-controlled printer was built almost entirely from cast-off material, like old CD-ROM drives, scrap wood, and ball bearings from inline skate wheels, etc. Using an ethernet shield attachment for the Arduino board, the printer can receive any digital input from a computer. This includes, the creator notes, both RSS and Twitter feeds. It may not print you a sweater, but then again, you can recycle the printed product after you're done reading it. A clever creation or brilliant commentary on the state of media today? Watch the video after the break, and you can decide.

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Students Claim New Paper Folding Record: 13 Folds of Toilet Paper

Within MIT's Infinite Corridor, a group of 15 St. Mark's School students and teacher James Tanton claim to have set the world record for folding paper by folding 13,000 feet of toilet paper 13 times, breaking the previous world record of 12 folds. The team folded the toilet paper in half and in the same direction each time. Tanton had been attempting to break the previous record of 12 folds--set in 2002--for the past five years, all of which were unsuccessful attempts until he made contact with MIT's origami club, OrigaMIT, to help his team get access to the Infinite Corridor, a hallway long enough for his team to fold without interference from the wind.

For those wondering, the team used single-ply toilet paper--obviously not concerned with its cushiony comfortableness--which Tanton ordered from important website Though the team clearly matched the previous record's 12 folds, the team's 13th fold was reportedly debatable: The fold was achieved, but the finished stack of folded toilet paper had trouble staying folded without support. Tanton said he will attempt the feat again next year, this time using 24,000 feet of toilet paper in order to achieve a final fold that can remain folded on its own. Head on past the break to check out a video of the toilet paper team at work.

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What Sorcery Is This? Toilet Paper without Cardboard Tubes

Paper product company Kimberly-Clark has announced the test rollout of Scott Naturals Tube-Free toilet paper, which, per its name, will not have the cardboard tubes that have anchored all previous rolls of toilet paper. They will not, however, "disclose the tubeless technology used, but [say] it's a special winding process."

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