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Touch-Free Toilet Paper Dispenser Improves Hygiene, Conservation

Meet the Camitool, a touch-free toilet paper dispenser developed and distributed by Japanese company, Shikoku, and another step in the direction of global robot domination.. The device uses a motion sensor to dispense the toilet paper, so users do not have to touch the machine. Soon, we might very well live in a world in which touching anything at all in a bathroom is unnecessary. Well, besides the obvious. But I don’t want to get into that. Even though I already have in a way. So I guess I don’t want to dig deeper into that; but I’ve done that too! I’ve said too much. Just make the jump for more info.

The Camitool not only dispenses T.P. but also cuts it into 60, 90, or 120 cm portions. It can be used with virtually any brand of toilet paper. Jyunya Namioka of Shikoku told DigiInfo TV in an interview:

“We released the Camitool early this year. Currently, it’s being used by hospitals, and in public buildings in Kagawa, where we’re based.”

Because the Camitool is completely touch-free, it offers a number of benefits to restroom-goers everywhere. It prevents infectious diseases from spreading in public places such as schools and hospitals. Folks with disorders such as rheumatism which make ripping toilet paper painful or difficult will benefit from the Camitool’s ability to cut the paper into predetermined lengths. The predetermined lengths also help conserve toilet paper as it ensures that users will take the same number of sheets every time.

The dispenser comes in plastic as well as wood versions which cost roughly $750 and $1,200 respectively. Before long you could be seeing a Camitool in your favorite stall, wherever you might choose to do your business. Was that too much? Did I get dig deeper? Damn. I did it again. It’s Monday, folks.

(via DigiInfo TV)

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