What Sorcery Is This? Toilet Paper without Cardboard Tubes

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Paper product company Kimberly-Clark has announced the test rollout of Scott Naturals Tube-Free toilet paper, which, per its name, will not have the cardboard tubes that have anchored all previous rolls of toilet paper. They will not, however, “disclose the tubeless technology used, but [say] it’s a special winding process.”

USA Today:

On Monday, Kimberly-Clark, one of the world’s biggest makers of household paper products, will begin testing Scott Naturals Tube-Free toilet paper at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores throughout the Northeast. If sales take off, it may introduce the line nationally and globally — and even consider adapting the technology into its paper towel brands.

No, the holes in the rolls aren’t perfectly round. But they do fit over TP spindles and come with this promise: Even the last piece of toilet paper will be usable — without glue stuck on it.

The change is ostensibly geared towards “going green,” but we know that it’s really about pushing technological progress to the hilt. Also: making money.

(USA Today via TDW)

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