Hacked Together Toilet Paper Printer Prints on Toilet Paper

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Writing on toilet paper is no easy feat, but Mario Lukas’ submission to the German hacker competition “Mach flott den Schrott“ (which Google translates as “make fast the crap”) makes it look like a breeze. This Arduino-controlled printer was built almost entirely from cast-off material, like old CD-ROM drives, scrap wood, and ball bearings from inline skate wheels, etc. Using an ethernet shield attachment for the Arduino board, the printer can receive any digital input from a computer. This includes, the creator notes, both RSS and Twitter feeds. It may not print you a sweater, but then again, you can recycle the printed product after you’re done reading it.

A clever creation or brilliant commentary on the state of media today? Watch the video below, and you can decide.

(Mario Lukas via TechCrunch)

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