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They Might Be Giants Explain “Particle Man” With a Handy Flowchart

They Might Be Giants may have just released a new EP, but there will always be a place in my heart for their song "Particle Man" which was forever immortalized by the Warner Bros. cartoon Tiny Toons. Is the song confusing? Not really, but just to make sure that everyone is 100% perfectly clear on how things go down in the song, the band just tweeted this handy flowchart from their official account. See the whole thing, and that Tiny Toons clip after the jump.

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They Might Be Giants Wants to Sell You Famous Cryptid Playing Cards

When the greatest rock band in the world decides to start try and sell us the greatest playing card deck we've seen in quite some time, how are we supposed to resist? We have no idea, which is why we will be purchasing these limited-edition cryptid playing cards from They Might Be Giants post-haste. This is probably a thing you should also do if, you know, you like things that are good.

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How BioShock’s Plot Was Predicted by Batman: The Animated Series in 1994

Oh, what's that... what's that thing where they're in a underwater city?  And it's all dystopian, with enormous mechanical guards?  Like, there's this billionaire capitalist who's starting a new civilization based on his rules, and he doesn't want anyone interfering with it?  But then the heroes come in and stop him with help from Mr. Freeze? Oh right.  It's an episode of Batman: The Animated Series and it's called "Deep Freeze." Compare to the synopsis for the original BioShock, courtesy of Wikipedia:
BioShock is set during 1960, in Rapture, a fictional underwater dystopian city. The history of Rapture is learned by the player through audio recordings as he explores the city. Rapture was envisioned by the Randian business magnate Andrew Ryan, who wanted to create a laissez-faire state to escape increasingly oppressive political, economic, and religious authority on land. ... By New Year's Eve of 1959, "[Ryan's] paranoia had reached such a level he was hanging dozens of people, mostly innocent, in Rapture's main square."

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