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They Might Be Giants Wants to Sell You Famous Cryptid Playing Cards

When the greatest rock band in the world decides to start try and sell us the greatest playing card deck we’ve seen in quite some time, how are we supposed to resist? We have no idea, which is why we will be purchasing these limited-edition cryptid playing cards from They Might Be Giants post-haste. This is probably a thing you should also do if, you know, you like things that are good.

It is beyond us how someone could know that these cards exist and not be driven to purchase them. Which is troubling, because there are only 1500 decks left, meaning you need to order yours quickly, or be faced with the prospect of living in a world where you could have owned cryptid playing cards you bought from They Might Be Giants, and do not.

Oh, and in case you’ve forgotten how awesome TMBG really is, here is a convenient reminder, courtesy of your misspent childhood, and also Tiny Toons, we guess.

(via They Might Be Giants)

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