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The Dark Universe Is Dead—I’m Sure Someone Is Upset by That Somewhere

It seems like after the dismal numbers that The Mummy (2017) brought in that Universal is finally letting go of their dreams of a Universal Movie Universe aka The Dark Universe.

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Honest Trailer for The Mummy: “When You Want to Murder a Franchise”

The Honest Trailers team rips into Universal's The Mummy remake as a "loose collection of studio notes masquerading as a single movie...with one unholy purpose holding it together: make the Dark Universe happen."

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Gail Simone’s Wild Twitter Review of The Mummy Is the Best Thing About The Mummy

Comics writer and all-around heroine Gail Simone went to see The Mummy and had a few choice words for the Tom Cruise movie that was dead on arrival.

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Our Commenters Wrote Their Own Incredible Version of The Mummy

After I posted a round-up of the scathing reviews for Universal's "Dark Universe" Mummy reboot, The Mary Sue's commenting community generated their own compelling plot that I would pay a lot of money to see onscreen.

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The Mummy Remake Is Getting Absolutely Awful Reviews

Universal, lacking a superhero franchise, has big plans for its "Dark Universe" slated series of monster movies—reboots of old classics like Bride of Frankenstein and The Invisible Man. The studio may have to take a hard look at this ambitious undertaking, since reviews of the first film, The Mummy, are resoundingly bad.

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Evie Carnahan and the Subversive Feminism of The Mummy

"What is a place like me doing in a girl like this?"

The characters of The Mummy are wonderful, and none more so than Evie—the protagonist, heroine, and unapologetic nerd around whom the entire thing revolves.

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Universal Unveils Its Dark Universe—We Hope They Remember That Women Can Be Monstrous, Too

Universal Pictures has a long, storied history with monsters. We've all heard of Frankenstein's Monster, the Bride of Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Invisible Man, and the Wolf Man, among others. Well, it looks as though all those old-timey monsters are being "reinvented" as part of a new shared universe the studio has dubbed Dark Universe.

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Things We Saw Today: “The Math of Khan” Explains the Math of Star Trek

"The Math of Khan," a presentation at the National Museum of Mathematics, examined some of Star Trek's most pressing mathematical questions, such as "Are red shirts more likely to die than other crew members?"

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Honestly, I’m Kind of Rooting for The Mummy in This New Trailer

Universal just dropped a new trailer for The Mummy, the first in their planned shared "monster" universe. This trailer focuses on the Mummy herself, and...I'm kind of into her shtick.

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The Mummy Trailer Accidentally Got Posted Without a Musical Score. Let the Memes Begin!

Somebody at the IMAX YouTube channel is in hot water this week, because they uploaded the wrong version of the trailer for The Mummy, and the results are hilarious.

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Explain Yourself: Alex Kurtzman on Why They’re Doing a Mummy Remake, Plus the Official Trailer is Here!

If you're in the same boat as me and are wondering why this The Mummy reboot is even happening at all, filmmaker Alex Kurtzman has an answer for you.

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We Didn’t Ask For This The Mummy Reboot Teaser But We’re Gonna Talk About It Anyway

Why Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, the brilliant team behind TV shows like Fringe and Alias as well as the Kelvin-verse Star Trek movies, decided to reboot the beloved Mummy franchise remains a mystery.

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Things We Saw Today: New Zealand Man Quits Job To Play Pokémon GO Full-Time

A man who originally worked as a barista and bartender in New Zealand has quit his job to hunt Pokémon full-time. He's currently relying on friends and family for money, but says that he's also caught 91 of the 151 available Pokemon in the game so far. The best part, he says, is traveling around instead of having to go to work every day like the rest of us peons. "I get to walk around and explore towns I've never been to."

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Things We Saw Today: Ad for Trans Rights to Air During the Republican National Convention

This 60-second ad that stars transgender North Carolina woman Alaina Kupec will play nationwide on FOX News during the Republican National Convention on Thursday.

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Things We Saw Today: Alfred Pennyworth Is The Real Hero Gotham Needs

Slate magazine takes a look at the character of Alfred Pennyworth as the hero we truly need (but maybe don't deserve). It's fascinating to see the many different facets of Bruce Wayne's loyal butler and guardian portrayed by so many different actors through the years.

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Things We Saw Today: What Happened to These Famous TV Couples?

Beware The Syndrome.

Here with one of the most accurate (read: not accurate at all) descriptions of what happened to these prime time sweethearts is writer Chris Scott.

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Tom Cruise to Take Lead on The Mummy Revival, Plot Still, uh… Under Wraps

Universal is looking to, uh, bring their classic movie monster lineup back from the dead (sorry), and they're starting with a pretty significant boost: they've brought on Tom Cruise to play "a lead role" in The Mummy.

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Universal’s Brand New Mummy Could Be a Woman

Are you my mummy?

Universal's updating their "Classic Monsters" lineup, and they're starting with The Mummy. They're doing so by opening up the iconic role to both men and women.

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Bring Your Gauntlets! Scarlett Johansson Could Star in Creature from the Black Lagoon Remake

Screen Actors Gilled.

But not as the Creature itself???? I quit this garbage Earth.

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Things We Saw Today: Zack Snyder Tweets Pic of Batman and R2-D2, Bros

Beep boop growl.

Zack Snyder loves his Star Wars crossovers.

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