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Gail Simone’s Wild Twitter Review of The Mummy Is the Best Thing About The Mummy


Comics writer and all-around heroine Gail Simone went to see The Mummy and had a few choice words for the Tom Cruise movie that was dead on arrival.

We’ve been talking about The Mummy ’round these parts, first wrapping up its terrible reviews for your consumption, then enjoying the delightful alterna-Mummy that The Mary Sue’s genius commenters came up with. By all accounts, talking about The Mummy is a lot more fun than experiencing The Mummy.

Needless to say, I did not see The Mummy this weekend, but as Pajiba points out, Gail Simone did, and she did not hold back on her impressions of the film. (It’s worth mentioning that Simone was the longest-running female writer to work on a Wonder Woman comic; Wonder Woman crushed The Mummy at the box office, which feels fitting.)

Simone has many Tweets on the subject, and they’re all so incredible it’s hard to choose which ones to feature. For the full effect, head on over to her Twitter feed.

(This was the point where I starting laughing to the point of tears.)

Thank you, Gail Simone, for your exquisite existence and for sparing us from needing to read any other Mummy reviews. I have to admit that after reading so many scorched earth takes on the film, part of me wanted to witness what all the fuss was about (but a more practical and vocal part of me said that spending money to experience cinematic torture wasn’t the best idea).

So I’ve got to ask—did anyone, in a fit of morbid curiosity and schadenfreude, actually go and see The Mummy this weekend? Tell us everything.

(via Pajiba, image: Universal)

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