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Stephen Colbert Won’t Let Mark Hamill Into the Mos Eisley Cantina on The Late Show

"Try the fried porg, it's amazing!"

Colbert was living every Star Wars fan's dream when he cooked up a "lost scene" from the movies starring Luke Skywalker himself.

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Carmen Yulín Cruz Praises Americans’ Big Hearts, Warns Trump’s Tax Plan Will Hurt Puerto Rico on The Late Show

It's been just over two months since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, and the island is still undergoing a massive recovery effort. San Juan mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, who's become a popular spokesperson for the island as she's led her city through recovery, was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to update us on Puerto Rico's progress, thank the American people for their generosity, and warn that certain U.S. government actions and policies are harmful to Puerto Rico's recovery.

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Watch Jon Stewart Gloriously Fail to Be Positive About Trump on The Late Show

"Donald Trump ... is not a cannibal."

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Ta-Nehisi Coates Isn’t Here to Provide Us With Hope. He’s Here to Illuminate Racism.

There's a reason Ta-Nehisi Coates has won the National Book Award and is a MacArthur Fellow. He breaks down the complex issues of race in America in a way that both illuminates and holds us all accountable for our parts in it. He isn't highly-lauded because he "makes us feel good." He's highly-lauded, because he inspires us in the truest sense, by showing us so starkly and clearly what is wrong that we cannot help but be moved to some kind of action.

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Stephen Colbert Shows Trump What Actual Boo-ing Is In Response to His NFL Preoccupation

Will Trump ever learn how to word properly? On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert talked about Trump's recent preoccupation with NFL protests in the face of actually, you know, solving problems and being a president.

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Anonymous Emmy Voter & Self-Described “Old White Guy” Shares Opinions We Could Have Done Without

These are just his opinions. He's entitled to them. But his opinions also influence the outcome of these awards, which in turn has a strong impact on the future of those shows, the salaries and future opportunities of the casts and creative teams, and television trends in general.

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Stephen Colbert Imagines Star Wars as Directed by Werner Herzog

In the wake of director Colin Trevorrow leaving Star Wars: Episode IX, Stephen Colbert put forward an unusual suggestion for the new director: Werner Herzog.

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Late Night Hosts Show Trump How Easy It Is to Rebuke Charlottesville Nazis and Terrorism

"I've seen angrier Yelp reviews!"

Last night, all the late night talk show hosts tackled the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville. Yes, even Jimmy Fallon.

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Jessica Williams Meticulously Drafting a DM to J.K. Rowling Is All of Us

Jessica Williams shows us no matter who you are, a direct message from Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling will obliterate any sense of chill you might have had.

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