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Harvey Guillén as George Santos? Perfection.

Harvey Guillén as George Santos

Harvey Guillén, my favorite person, has a new role: George Santos. Guillén, famous for his role as Guillermo in the FX series What We Do In The Shadows has become a fan favorite, which is unsurprising because he is genuinely hilarious. So how did he end up with a gig on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert? Well, some fans pointed out that Guillén and Santos look similar, and the rest is history.

You might know Santos as the guy who just keeps lying about things. At least that’s all I know about him and even then, no one knows anything truthful about him anyway. He just can’t seem to stop lying. Every single thing he says about himself is either proven wrong or someone comes forward to claim he’s lying about it. So why even listen?

This habitual lying has inspired many to make fun of him for it. Because come on, he’s a guy who just won’t stop lying about things and he keeps getting caught! Of course we’re going to make fun of him. And it seems as if Stephen Colbert and his team saw an opportunity to make fun of Santos in a way that would get everyone excited: By having Guillén play him.

“What’s to clarify? Everything I’ve said has been the truth,” Guillén says as Santos and then goes on to lie about his name—because of course. It’s such a good performance that even Colbert is laughing at Guillén throughout.

I only want to see Harvey Guillén as George Santos from now on

So often, we make a mockery of these people and it does nothing but continue their media coverage. They think it’s flattering when people poke fun at them. So why does this Santos work? Because I don’t think he likes how much everyone is doing it. Keep it coming!

In all seriousness though, Guillén is so funny and this performance works as a mockery of both Santos and his lies while also being just genuinely fun to watch. It is part of Guillén’s charm as Guillermo on What We Do In The Shadows and now that we know his Santos impression is this good, I just want him to show up on every single talk show and sketch comedy show to do it.

Because who else could be this genuinely funny while playing Santos? Only Harvey Guillén!

I’m going to be so honest: I hope this becomes a regular bit for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Whenever they want him, I hope that Guillén answers the call. Because it is just so funny in a way that really makes this one of those rare instances when the internet was so completely spot on about something.

Whatever the future holds for Harvey Guillén’s performance as George Santos, we’ll always know that he went to Baruch and/or NYU.

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