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Stephen Colbert Shows Trump What Actual Boo-ing Is In Response to His NFL Preoccupation

Will Trump ever learn how to word properly? On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert talked about Trump’s recent preoccupation with NFL protests in the face of actually, you know, solving problems and being a president.

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Colbert replayed footage from a White House Rose Garden press conference during which Trump was asked if he was indeed preoccupied with NFL players taking a knee. He replied, “Not at all I have plenty of time on my hands; all I do is work.”

First of all, I’ll second Colbert’s question: do you have time on your hands? Or are you always working? But secondly, his tweets make it very clear that the taking-a-knee thing is something that he’ll always come back to complaining about, because it’s much easier than actually governing a country.

Like, he wants to make sure that we all know people totally agree with him:

Then he takes a minute to victim-blame Puerto Rico for needing hurricane relief, focusing on the fact that Puerto Rico has…

Then, it’s back to the NFL. Specifically, it’s back to the recent Dallas Cowboys game, where the entire Cowboys team took a knee before the anthem (then stood for it). Because citizens exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech are a bigger concern for him than are the victims of disasters. Of course, he has no problem with people exercising their First Amendment rights when they agree with him:

So, the freedom to express your opinion over “disrespecting” a song? Totally valid. Expressing your opinion over disrespecting actual human lives? Well, it’s clear where Trump’s priorities lie:

Um, how about our state and federal governments “setting a rule” that it’s not okay to shoot unarmed black people in the streets? How about that?

In any case, Colbert laughed at the idea that any booing Trump heard during the Cowboys game was the loudest he ever heard.

“Really? That’s the loudest booing you’ve ever heard?” Colbert asked. “Listen to this: ‘Donald Trump is President’.” And suddenly, there was a room full of deafening boos, to which Colbert replied, “Thank you! I think I have my new ringtone.”

Same, Colbert. Same.

(via Deadline Hollywood, image: screencap)

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