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Monday Cute: Sean Astin Plays With Toys & Remains Our Noble Hero

On Thursday afternoon, actor and universally known delightful person, Sean Astin (aka Bob aka Samwise aka Rudy), teamed up with Sharper Image to promote their Pop-Up Store Launch Party in Times Square.

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Things We Saw Today: A Nancy Meyers Movie With Diversity?

What if The Intern starred Jason Mitchell, not De Niro?

What happens when you actually add a person of color to a Nancy Meyers (The Intern) movie? Funny Or Die wonders in its latest video starring Jason Mitchell.

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Hey You Guys, Would You Go to an “Immersive Theater” Adaptation of The Goonies?

You must become the truffle shuffle.

Because swarming the real-life Goonies house and talk of a sequel aren't enough to satiate true fans, director Richard Donner has revealed to Yahoo News that he's developing an "immersive theater" adaptation of the Goonies that sounds like way too much fun.

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Owner of the Goonies House Is So Over Your Childhood Memories


The Goonies house actually has an owner who lives in it - and she's so over your freaking nostalgia.

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Things We Saw Today: Get These Snitch Ear Climbers or Die Trying

Preferable to Bludger earrings, surely.

These "Seek and ye shall Snitch" Etsy ear climbers will run you a Galleon or two ($155 and up) but they sure are gorgeous.

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Get Yer Warm & Fuzzies From Andry Rajoelina’s Super Families Art

The family that plays together, stays together.

A while back we posted Andry Rajoelina's set of superhero parents/kids but there's been developments! Now we get to see a slew of these delightful scenarios played out with some of our favorite characters from video games, movies, and television.

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Goonies/Gremlins Writer Chris Columbus Reportedly Producing Sequels to Both Movies

Do `80s movies multiply when you get them wet?

It looks like Goonies rumors never say die. Goonies director Richard Donner has been vocal about a sequel lately, and it looks like he might not have been just playing with our emotions. Now there are rumors that Chris Columbus, who wrote both The Goonies and Gremlins, is on board to produce sequels to both of the `80s classics.

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Things We Saw Today: A Unicorn Rainbow Fart Cake

Things We Saw Today

Sideserf Cake Studio created this culinary delight. I'm so glad that unicorn farts are a thing. (That's Nerdalicious)

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Remake, Reboot, and Sequel News To Make Your Head Explode: The Goonies, 12 Monkeys, and More

Oh Hollywood

The "and more," in this case, is a Police Academy reboot, potentially infuriating Point Break remake news, casting for Terminator: Genesis, and screaming. So, so much screaming. Everything is remakes. ONE OF US. ONE OF US.

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Richard Donner Never Says Die, He and Corey Feldman Add Fuel to The Goonies Sequel Fire

He'll probably make us all do the truffle shuffle if we want to see it, though.

Rumors of a Goonies sequel have been flying for some time, but now the film's director, Richard Donner, has added some credibility to them by flat out saying that it's happening. It's still possible that he was just trying to get TMZ off his back at the autograph signing session where he mentioned it, but he left it in no uncertain terms.

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Stained Glass Window Movie Posters You Probably Need To Own

Get In Loser We're Going Shopping

Twin brother designers Van Orton Design have created these beautiful stained glass versions of various movie posters and they are prettttty awesome. Check out this gorgeousness - info on how to buy a poster is on their FaceBook page if you love them so much you need to own one... or all.

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New Pop-Culture Art Premieres From Gallery 1988 Tomorrow

eye candy

"Crazy 4 Cult: Back in New York," which opens at 7 p.m. December 13 at 355A Bowery in Manhattan and will run through December 21, features some amazing works of pop-culture from an assortment of artists. Gallery 1988 is putting on their second New York show at a pop-up gallery in the city, though some items may be available in their online store after the opening. Take a look at a sampling!

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Funko Gives Us More Nostalgia With Back To The Future, Planet of the Apes, & Goonies Vinyl Figures

Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes.

Funko has been great for giving us classic characters in their Pop! line of vinyl toys but it's when they hit that certain nostalgia spot my wallet just opens all on its own. The latest? New series based on Planet of the Apes (so getting Dr. Zaius!), The Goonies, and one of my all-time favorites, Back to the Future.

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Guy Inserts Himself Into 80s Films And Chases After His Ex-Girlfriend [VIDEO]

Fans Do Cool Things

Jon Marco has insured people will listen to his song "Rhianna." How? He put together a music video for it starring himself in classic 80s films like Back to the Future, The Goonies, Teen Wolf, and more. The premise of the film is Marco chasing after an ex-girlfiend which, granted, is actually pretty creepy. Especially him chasing her as The Shining's Jack Torrence. But the execution is impressive. My only other issue with the video is Marco gets to wear tons of awesome 80s movie outfits while Samantha Raye's Rhianna stays in the same costume almost the whole way through. At least he put himself in the...well, you'll see. (via io9) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Track Famous Characters’ Movements With These Awesome Movie Maps

Fans Do Cool Things

Man, Harrison Ford sure does jet-set around a lot in his movies. Well, in the Star Wars and Indiana Jones trilogies, anyways. (There was no fourth Indiana Jones. I don't want to hear it.) Artist Andrew Degraff gives us a better idea of how much travel famous characters rack up with his map versions of the aforementioned trilogies, plus The Goonies, North by Northwest, and Shaun of the Dead. They're brilliantly designed, and I love them even if they make me feel kinda bad that the most traveling I ever do is home for the holidays and back.

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Samwise Gamgee (or Sean Astin, If We’re Being Technical) Stars as Bilbo in This The Goonies/The Hobbit Trailer Mash-up [VIDEO]

And All Was Right With the World

First the Hobbit trailer got mashed up with Adventure Time. Now it's The Goonies, courtesy of YouTube user Lance Ford. Sloth used to be Gothmog from The Lord of the Rings, and now he's Gollum, too! Pretty cool. If we're going to get more Hobbit trailer mashups, can I nominate Labyrinth? Or The Princess Bride. Give me all the '80s nostalgia, basically. (via: I Watch Stuff) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Five Reasons We’re Pumped for a James Wan MacGyver Movie


We've heard rumors about a MacGyver movie for a while now, but Variety is reporting that Saw director James Wan is in talks to direct the project. Wan might seem like an odd choice to take the helm of a MacGyver movie since the classic television show is about a pacifist trying to save the world through science and quick thinking, and not about gruesome murders and houses full of sadistic traps, but we have our reasons for thinking Wan is a great pick.

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Great, More Things We Want to Own: Awesome Original Poster Art of Some of Our Favorite Movies

Almost Totally Excellent

Sometimes, the posters for our favorite movies just don't match the things they make us feel. They're too glossy, too obviously airbrushed, maybe they feature the faces of the actors a little (or a lot) more prominently than they do any actual idea of the movie. This is precisely what makes this poster art by artist Adam Rabalais so cool. The volume itself is impressive; the quality even more so. Click through the jump to see some of our favorites.

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’80s Movies Imagined as ’80s Games

Next month, LA's Gallery 1988 will be putting on an art show called the 3G Show. But tributes to the third generation of mobile cellular phone standards need not apply: Rather, the three G's are Ghostbusters, Goonies, and Gremlins. Brilliant.

Heroic pixel artist Jude Buffum is entering his imaginings of the three G's as 8-bit games. Hit the jump for his takes on Goonies and Gremlins:

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Comic Book Covers Imagined for Cult Movies

Artist and funny guy Brian McLachlan wished that cult movies like Mad Max, Red Dawn, and Goonies had gotten their days in the comic book sun, untainted by "staff writers with no love for the characters." So he made it happen -- well, the covers, at least -- having lots of fun with classic comic book styles in the process.

A few of our favorites below:

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