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The World Sucks! Watch These Movies and Shows to Take Your Mind off of It.

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Everything about this week sucked, especially for people with uteruses. So, why not escape for a little while? It doesn’t have to be a big deal, doesn’t even have to be something you’re fully committed to. We all just owe it to ourselves to do a little self-care in our freedom.

So why not settle in with this list of classics and just relax? Also, get some popcorn, because why not?

Any Mike Schur show

So, might seem strange for us to instantly want to escape into a show created by a man, but also, Mike Schur is one of the good ones. And he has the ability to create a comedy program that gives us the freedom to forget about our own problems for just a little while. So, why not watch your favorite episode of Parks and Recreation (or The Office, or The Good Place, or Brooklyn Nine-Nine …) and just live in Pawnee (which, arguably, isn’t much better, but at least you can be best friends with Leslie Knope).

What’s nice about this is you can literally log onto Netflix and Hulu and experience both with joy and happiness. And also, Brooklyn Nine-Nine just finished its season, and why not take this time to catch up?

Romantic comedies are our friend

What about My Big Fat Greek Wedding, a movie easily available on HBO Now? Not your style? Well, that’s okay, because Reese Witherspoon’s entire filmography is there for you to watch and thrive in. There are also wonderful romantic films like Someone Great and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netflix that you can watch and cry about.

Honestly, why not? Think about fun happy comedies instead of, you know … this.

The Goonies

Listen, I love The Goonies. Maybe it’s because I would also go on a coming-of-age treasure hunt with my best friends, or maybe it’s just because it’s an incredible movie. Either way, it makes me happy and should make you happy, too. So enjoy, laugh, and have a fun time with young Josh Brolin.

Unfortunately, you have to pay for The Goonies (iTunes, Google Play, YouTube … take your pick), but honestly, that’s a purchase that’s worth it.

Dead to Me

Christina Applegate has a lot to cope with on the new Netflix show Dead to Me, but at least she’s having the time of her life while coping with the death of her husband. Also, it’s wonderful to see how strong she is as a character, and we can’t wait to see where the show takes her.

The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe

We’re all in a buzz because of Avengers: Endgame, and with that buzz comes the desire to rewatch all the movies leading up to the thrilling conclusion to a few of our favorite characters. Basically, make yourself sad and watch the MCU and cry over your favorite characters that we’ve had to say goodbye to (you know which ones).

Or, you know, just do what makes you happy. We all deserve a little break from whatever this world is turning into.

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