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Trevor Noah: “How Does a Black Person Not Get Shot in America?”

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah asks the question we're all thinking after the not guilty verdict in the horrific shooting death of Philando Castille.

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Samantha Bee Won Last Night’s Daily Show Reunion Before It Even Started

Last night's Daily Show reunion on Stephen Colbert's Late Show came on what could not have been a more appropriate night. A huge political shitstorm hit the fan when FBI Director James Comey was fired by Donald Trump during an FBI investigation into Trump's campaign, and all our favorite political comedians were in one place. Still, our favorite moment came well before either of those things happened.

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Things We Saw Today: Want to Read The Handmaid’s Tale? Your Library’s Got a Waitlist

Ahead of the Hulu series' premiere (April 26th!), libraries across the country are reportedly all out of copies of the book.

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Daily Show, Late Night Call Out Trump for Flunking His Press Conference—Even the Easiest Question

Today, all around the country, people are striking to defend democratic principles. You can find a list of events to participate in over on another one of our posts. Why are we all suddenly so concerned? Yesterday's press conference with Donald Trump should give anyone a pretty solid idea.

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The President of Planned Parenthood Just Dropped Nonpartisan Truth Bombs All Over The Daily Show

This is the solution, not the problem.

"They're not coming to make a political statement. They're coming because they need high-quality, affordable healthcare, and that's what we provide."

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Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele Do Some Spot-on Translating for Obama’s Presidential Transition Politeness

This is how we'll all remember Obama's recent speeches.

For reasons we intellectually know but are still adjusting to understanding, we're soon going to have to say goodbye to President Barack Obama—at least as the leader of our nation. (He can remain Dad-in-Chief as long as he likes.) So, here are Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele on The Daily Show to do a little translating for President Obama, who's been a bit reserved while a man who disrespected him for years now needs his help succeeding his presidency.

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Trevor Noah Faces Tomi Lahren’s Ignorance on Black Lives Matter With as Much Politeness as Can Be Expected From a Mere Mortal

November 30th of every year should heretofore be known as Saint Trevor Noah's Day, if only because he managed to keep it together while interviewing Tomi Lahren on The Daily Show last night.

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Things We Saw Today: Share Your Existential Crisis With This Real-Life Rick & Morty Butter Bot

Havig an existential crisis, perhaps? Go ahead and share it with this real-life Rick & Morty butter bot.

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The Daily Show Bids Farewell to Jessica Williams by Totally Getting Something in my Eye

Shut up. I'm not crying. YOU'RE crying.

As we reported a couple of days ago, Jessica Williams is leaving her role as correspondent at The Daily Show to pursue her own narrative series about a young "woke" feminist. (And yes, she asked people to always use quotes around "woke") Last night was her last episode, and Trevor Noah, along with all the other Daily Show correspondents, said goodbye, which you can watch in the video after the jump.

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Jessica Williams Leaving Daily Show, Starting New Series About Young “Woke” Feminist

After four years at The Daily Show, Jessica Williams is graduating to her own series.

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The Daily Show Had a Less-than-Stellar Response to Yesterday’s SCOTUS Ruling

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down a Texas law that would have majorly restricted access to abortions. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, like many users on Twitter dot com, was excited by the news, and fired off a joke to celebrate.

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Last Week Tonight Recaps Everything That Happened During Jon Stewart’s Daily Show Run

Last Week Tonight Recaps the World During Jon Stewart's Daily Show Run

John Oliver plays it off like an innocent attempt to fill in some cicadas on what they missed during their incredibly long gestation, but we know what's really going on here! We can see through the lies! Sure, this year's batch of emerging cicadas comes from 1999, but you know what else started in 1999? Jon Stewart's run on The Daily Show. Wake up, sheeple!

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Jessica Williams Dissects America’s Anti-Trans Laws and Sentiments on The Daily Show

The Daily Show's Jessica Williams tackled the anti-transgender sentiment that's been fomenting throughout the entire country as of late.

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The Daily Show Reminds Us That Donald Trump Has Always Been This Misogynistic and Gross

He's not just putting on a show for this election. Donald Trump has always been as misogynistic and disgusting as he appears to be right now. He just wasn't running for The Most Important Post in America before. Thankfully, we have The Daily Show around to remind us of that fact as they dig back into the archives for some good ol' early-1990s footage.

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Things We Saw Today: Bloodline Posters Encourage Us to #VoteforLeia

A vote for Leia is a vote to protect the Republic.

Claudia Gray's Star Wars novel Bloodline goes on sale May 3rd! To celebrate, feast your eyes on these ridiculously cool posters.

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The Daily Show‘s Jessica Williams Addresses the Backlash to Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Performance

Jessica Williams, The Daily Show's long-running Senior Beyonce Correspondent, stepped up to the desk last night to address the complaints made about Bey's Super Bowl performance.

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Things We Saw Today: The Daily Show‘s Jessica Williams Inspired Whitesboro to Rethink Their Village Seal

The official village seal of a small town in upstate NY made headlines this week, due in part to an ongoing investigation by Jessica Williams of The Daily Show.

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Trevor Noah, Daily Show Host of Two Months, Now Very Experienced in Responding to Mass Shootings

Way to go, humanity.

Last night Trevor Noah had the difficult task of lampooning GOP responses to the San Bernadino shooting, the fourth mass shooting he's addressed on-air since his tenure at the Daily Show began just over two months ago.

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Lupita Nyong’o Shines in Light-Up Dress For Star Wars: Force 4 Fashion

Nyong'o wore the dress to the Star Wars: Force 4 Fashion event in NYC. The outfits wore by Nyong'o and the other actresses will auctioned off by Bloomingdale's and proceeds will go to the Child Mind Institution, which focuses on "transforming mental health care for the world's children."

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Jon Stewart Signs a Four-Year Deal With HBO for Short Videos and God-Knows-What

But we bet it'll be good.

HBO is bringing us something to fill the Jon Stewart-shaped hole in our hearts that was left when he departed The Daily Show after approximately 3,141,592,653 years. What is that thing? Well, it'll be Jon Stewart-shaped, at least, so it should be a good fit.

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