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New Subway Ad Tells Women To Stay Skinny; Sexy Halloween Costumes Incoming

Rant in 3, 2....

I have never been this upset about sandwiches before, and that's saying a lot.

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This High-Tech Haircare Ad Would Make Your Commute Way More Awesome [VIDEO]

My hair looks way worse than this after waiting for the subway in the morning.

Subway advertisements are generally pretty lame - unless you're in Stockholm, apparently. Haircare company Apotek installed some hi-tech sensors into the monitors projecting their video ads on subway platforms, and the results are mind-blowing. Because, there's wind, and... you're right, that was terrible. Anyways, just watch the video.

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Subway Restaurants Are Removing Chemicals That Are Used to Make Yoga Mats From Its Bread

Conversely, there must be somebody doing yoga on a mat made from bread.

The most defining characteristic of a Subway sandwich shop, as comedians have so often pointed out, is the weird non-bready bread smell that infects everything in a 3 yard radius. That might not be going away yet, but hopefully it'll stop smelling as inedible as it does now, because Subway is getting rid of the azodicarbonamide in its bread.

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NYPD Releases Harmless Gas to Study Effects of Chemical Weapons on the Subway System

There's no one anyone tries to spin this into a weird conspiracy.

In a move that's bound to spark more than a few conspiracy theories, the New York Police Department released harmless gas into the subway system during this morning's commute. The goal is to study the threat to the city posed by chemical weapons. Maybe next they'll simulate an attack from the Cloverfield monster.

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New York Subway Project May Be Threatened by Electric Eels… Wait, What?

Between traffic, crowds, and inane drive-time DJs, you might think nothing could make your commute worse. Think again. According to an officer of the New York subway system, a planned train line extension in the city could be plagued by an unexpected menace -- electric eels. Just how the eels would get to New York from their mostly tropical homes remains a mystery, but as someone who rides the New York subway every day, I can confirm that it wouldn't really surprise anyone.

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Counter-Strike Map Maker Getting Sued Over Montreal Subway Map

Counter-Strike maps of real places are nothing new, but getting sued over making one is a new one on us. That's exactly what seems to be happening to map builder Diego Liatis, whose recreation of Montreal's Berri-UQAM subway station is so good, the Société de transport de Montreal, which operates the city's subways, is threatening to sue him if he doesn't shut the project down, citing the fact that the map could cause panic among subway riders. That's right, Montreal subway riders -- the Société de transport de Montreal (STM) doesn't think you can tell the difference between real life and Counter-Strike.

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If You Buy a Drink From Subway, You Can Play the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Right Now, Obtain Exclusive Perks

Uncharted 3 releases next month, but if you feel like ponying up a few buckaroos and buying a specially marked Uncharted 30 oz soft drink from sandwich chain Subway, you'll receive a code that will grant you access to the full competitive multiplayer right when you redeem the code, a full month before the game actually releases. You don't even have to be thirsty to buy a drink. You can just throw it away in front of the cashier's face if you feel like being wasteful and kind of a jerk.

Jumping in early will allow players to start leveling up their profile before the official November 1 release date, and will also allow players to earn temporary and exclusive multiplayer perks that will grant a player special abilities for the length of one match if they drop some in-game cash on the perk before the match begins. Players can also earn Subway-sponsored in-game items, like hats and shirts with Subway logos that look garishly, hilariously out of context. On top of that, the promotion also has Nathan Drake shilling for Subway, holding onto the 30 oz Uncharted Subway cup in very precarious situations. Because when you're falling out of the back of a plane and catching onto some netting, you get really parched and need your 30 oz soft drink.

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Grocery Shopping In the Subway? There's An App For That

For most of us, waiting for the subway or train is just another daily time sink. Sure, you could read the paper or listen to music, but more often people can also be found pursuing less productive activities like counting rats and avoiding making awkward eye contact with strangers. But a new project by grocery retailer Tesco has commuters in South Korea actually crossing things off their to-do list while they wait, by grocery shopping on the train platform.

To improve their online sales, Tesco covered the walls of a South Korean subway station with pictures of their merchandise arranged as though on store shelves. Each item was tagged with a QR code, the black-and-white squares that can be read by smartphones. In the morning, commuters can scan the codes with their phones to fill up a virtual shopping cart. They pay for their items using an app, and then at the end of the day the food is delivered to their homes.

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Boston Man Accused of Making “Millions” Selling Forged Subway Cards

If you live in a metropolitan area and have ever idly wondered if someone (not you of course!) could successfully forge a subway pass, the answer is a resounding "yes," according to Massachusetts' attorney general. A man who worked for Cubic Transportation Systems, Inc., the company contracted by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority to make monthly subway passes, faces larceny charges for allegedly forging millions of dollars worth of fake passes and selling them for cheap on Craigslist or in back-alley deals. Here's how he was caught:

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Subway Sandwich Shop In Japan Grows Its Own Hydroponic Lettuce

Subway Japan, what will you think of next? Already having the reputation of providing fast food that's actually pretty healthy, Subway in Japan has decided to take things to the next organic level by growing their lettuce in the stores themselves, right before your eyes. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a lobster-like system where you can choose your own plant to be killed and served to you.

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