If You Buy a Drink From Subway, You Can Play the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Right Now, Obtain Exclusive Perks

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Uncharted 3 releases next month, but if you feel like ponying up a few buckaroos and buying a specially marked Uncharted 30 oz soft drink from sandwich chain Subway, you’ll receive a code that will grant you access to the full competitive multiplayer right when you redeem the code, a full month before the game actually releases. You don’t even have to be thirsty to buy a drink. You can just throw it away in front of the cashier’s face if you feel like being wasteful and kind of a jerk.

Jumping in early will allow players to start leveling up their profile before the official November 1 release date, and will also allow players to earn temporary and exclusive multiplayer perks that will grant a player special abilities for the length of one match if they drop some in-game cash on the perk before the match begins. Players can also earn Subway-sponsored in-game items, like hats and shirts with Subway logos that look garishly, hilariously out of context. On top of that, the promotion also has Nathan Drake shilling for Subway, holding onto the 30 oz Uncharted Subway cup in very precarious situations. Because when you’re falling out of the back of a plane and catching onto some netting, you get really parched and need your 30 oz soft drink.

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(via PlayStation Blog)

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