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Princes William and Harry to Keep John Boyega Under Royal Guard in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was full of random cameos under all that stormtrooper armor, including the likes of Daniel Craig and Kevin Smith. It seems that this tradition will continue into Star Wars: The Last Jedi with a couple of royal stand-ins.

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Emotional Short Film Jakku: First Wave Reminds You That Stormtroopers Are People, Too

Jakku: First Wave, created by filmmaker Benjamin Eck, is an emotional short film that centers on three stormtroopers about to be deployed into combat at the Battle of Jakku.

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Things We Saw Today: Stormtrooper Baymax

*Balalalala to the tune of the Imperial March*

Meet your personal Stormtrooper companion. Benito Garcia of Workworks SFX Studio made an amazing Baymax/Stormtrooper cosplay you should keep an eye out for if you're at O Comic Con.

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Boogie Storm’s Dancing Stormtroopers Rock the Britain’s Got Talent Finals

Boogie Storm, a dance troupe made up of Star Wars stormtroopers (stormtroupers?), made it all the way to the Britain's Got Talent finals and got to show off their skills once more with this dance medley.

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These Premium First Order Stormtrooper Costumes Will Be Your Next Impulse Buy

[waves her hands like a Jedi]

Admit it: those First Order Stormtrooper armor sets look really cool.

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Things We Saw Today: Korean Vlogger Creates a Real-Life Neko Atsume

I'll confess: I was once addicted to the mobile Neko Atsume game, in which you set up toys, food and other fun objects (like boxes) and watch the cats show up to engage with them. Apparently, that wasn't enough for a Korean vlogger who has set up his very own livestream to attract stray cats--basically his version of a real-life Neko Atsume. Several of the livestream videos have been uploaded to YouTube.

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The Obamas Celebrated Star Wars Day by Raising the Roof With Some Stormtroopers

The Obamas Celebrated Star Wars Day by Raising the Roof With Stormtroopers

On May 4th, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama showed off their moves at the White House, dancing with some stormtroopers and R2-D2 to the tunes of Bruno Mars (I’m too Hoth/Hoth damn!). Obama’s choice to raise the roof could have been a diplomatic disaster considering the recent destruction of Starkiller base—for many stormtroopers, […]

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Things We Saw Today: Bill Murray’s Baloo Naps (a Lot) in New The Jungle Book Clip

Bill Murray's Baloo is a bear who announces he takes lots of naps in this new The Jungle Book  clip. Same.

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Adorable Music Video Reminds Us That Stormtroopers Can Fall in Love

Iceland's Bara Heiða created this stunningly adorable music video to remind you that yes, Imperial stormtroopers are people too.

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Father Turns Stormtrooper Toy Armor Into Pink Armor for His Daughter

Jim Brock took the armor from a 48" First Order Stormtrooper toy and converted it into a costume for his young daughter. On top of that, he went above and beyond by painting the armor pink for her.

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Kevin Smith Was a Stormtrooper in The Force Awakens

Is there anyone who wasn't at this point?

I feel like everyone in Hollywood must have been a stormtrooper in The Force Awakens. Or done some kind of voice. Or been in it somehow, because seriously new names keep coming out all the time! In today's Surprise Force Awakens cameo news, Kevin Smith was apparently one of the lucky people who got to voice a stormtrooper.

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Behind the Mask of FN-2199—the Meme-ified Stormtrooper Known as “TR-8R”

Many memes have been made from the brief appearance of this riot baton-twirling First Order stormtrooper; he's been named TR-8R after his one line ("Traitor!"), and he even appears in several action figure sets (often paired with Finn, the "traitor" against whom he battles). According to Greg Rucka's Before the Awakening, his actual identification is FN-2199, and his nickname is "Nines." More importantly, though, who has the honor of playing this masked man in the movie?

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Things We Saw Today: Daisy Ridley Hangs with a Little Rey

Someday we'll see things other than Star Wars. Today is not that day.

And now I'm crying about The Force Awakens all over again.

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Things We Saw Today: We Love This Captain Pawsma Cat Cosplay

I don't even know what to say about this. This is brilliant, this is wonderful, this is purrfect. Can we get a version of this movie with an all-cat cast?

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Things We Saw Today: This Wonder Fett Costume Is Genius

This Wonder Fett costume combines the best of both worlds, and it's created by cosplayer Alkali Layke. No doubt it's going to be an awesome addition to any con in the near future.

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Things We Saw Today: Viola Davis’ Daughter Rocked the World’s Sweetest Halloween Costume


How to get away with murder(ing my heart).

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Things We Saw Today: Stormtroopers Gotta Eat and Shop Too

They're not always just shooting and missing! Photographer Jorge Pérez Higuera's series “The Other Side,” shows us the everyday lives of Stormtroopers.

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No One to Blame But Ourselves: Stomtroopers Perform Musical Number in Times Square

Aren't you a little coordinated for a Stormtrooper?

During a midnight Force Friday launch at the Times Square Toys R' Us yesterday (just writing that sentence stresses me out), Collider managed to catch footage of some people just trying to make their living as dancers, goddammit.

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Stormtrooper Performance Reviews, a Memo From the Empire

We'd like to make special note of some stormtroopers who've gone above and beyond in service to the Empire. So without further ado, here are the newest members of the Emperor's List! (woo, yeah, cheers, alright, go you~)

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501st Legion Stormtrooper Does 501-Mile Walk to SDCC in Memory of Late Wife

Hey friends in California, if you've seen a Stormtrooper walking somewhere between San Francisco and San Diego, you should hear the heartwarming story behind his journey. Kevin Doyle lost his wife Eileen to pancreatic cancer on November 7th of 2012, and walked the whole 645 miles from Rancho Obi-wan in Petaluma, California to San Diego Comic Con in her memory.

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