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Christian Bale’s Ideal ‘Star Wars’ Role Isn’t What You’d Expect

Christian Bale has revealed what his dream role in Star Wars is, and it’s one you’re not going to be able to guess. The star definitely could turn up in the Star Wars franchise down the road. After all, he has already ticked two major film franchises, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC universe, off his list, meaning he might be ready to tackle another. Bale is most well known for starring as Bruce Wayne (a.k.a. Batman) in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy. Many fans and critics list Bale’s performance as one of the best portrayals of the iconic hero.

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However, Bale makes just as good a villain as he does a hero. He proved this to be true when he made his MCU debut in Thor: Love and Thunder earlier this year. Bale portrayed the antagonist Gorr the God Butcher in the film. Gorr deteriorates into a villain after losing his family and being mocked by the gods. All of his humanity slips away as he bonds with All-Black the Necrosword and sets off on a mission to kill all the gods. Bale received high praise for his multi-faceted and compelling performance in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Bale is next set to appear in Amsterdam, which releases on October 7, 2022, and in The Pale Blue Eye in 2023. However, he seems to be eyeing the Star Wars franchise, too. Given the resurgence of Star Wars films and TV shows since Disney gained the rights to the franchise, the actor certainly could appear in the franchise at some point. He’d certainly make a dashing resistance leader or smoldering Sith lord. However, Bale has something different in mind for who he would like to play in Star Wars.

Christian Bale’s dream role in Star Wars

alone" storm trooper on the run

As reported by GamesRadar, Bale told The Hollywood Reporter that his dream role in Star Wars is that of a Stormtrooper—not just any Stormtrooper, though. He specifically wants to be the Stormtrooper that hits his head on a door. The poor Stormtrooper was spotted hitting his head on a door as he walked through it in Star Wars: A New Hope, and the goofy scene has remained popular among fans. Bale stated,

All I ever wanted in Star Wars is to be in a Star Wars outfit and hit my head on a door or something as I walked through. The real nerds who watched Star Wars too many times always knew about that one scene where the Stormtrooper hits his head on the door as he comes through. I wanted to be that guy. That was it.

But look, if I’m fortunate enough to be more than that, oh man, yeah. What a delight that would be. I’ve still got the figures from when I was little. I also know Kathy Kennedy very well because she was working with Spielberg when I did Empire of the Sun and now, she runs the Star Wars universe.

Over the years, fans have become quite intrigued by the goofy scene and have even attempted to identify the Stormtrooper actor. Unfortunately, he remains unidentified, which means that maybe it is time for someone to take on the role again and continue the legacy of the head-hitting Stormtrooper. Now that Bale’s dream is out there, though, it’s on Star Wars to come through and grant his wish.

(via GamesRadar, featured image: Lions Gate Films)

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