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Boogie Storm’s Dancing Stormtroopers Rock the Britain’s Got Talent Finals

Boogie Storm, a dance troupe made up of Star Wars stormtroopers (stormtroupers?), made it all the way to the Britain’s Got Talent finals and got to show off their skills once more with this dance medley. Earlier this month, the troupe won over the cold-hearted Simon Cowell with their excellent dance routines in the first round. The video above, which was their entry into the final round of judging last night, features hits like “It’s Raining Men” and Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” but the most impressive part is the second half of the dance, which features an extended riff on Dirty Dancing‘s “Time of my Life.”

There’s a lot to love about this video, from the choreography to the impressive flips to the props. You just can’t do “It’s Raining Men” without umbrellas! So many animated gifs deserve to be made from this.

The most impressive part is that they’re doing this in stormtrooper masks, which means low visibility for ALL of them, yet none of them miss a step or bump into one another. The climactic moment when two stormtroopers perform the lift from Dirty Dancing feels all the more incredible due to the fact that those two dancers can barely even see each other. Imagine how much rehearsal must have gone into that moment!

Sadly, Boogie Storm did not take home first place on Britain’s Got Talent last night. However, they did come in third place, and they’ve received plenty of compliments in the process. Simon Cowell said the group “is one of my favorite acts I’ve ever seen on this show. We embrace people from other galaxies.”

(via Uproxx)

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