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Wonder Woman 2 Missed an Opportunity With Bringing Back Steve Trevor

From officially released images, we know that Chris Pine as Steve Trevor is returning to Wonder Woman in the upcoming film set in the 80s complete with a fanny pack.

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Good Characters Don’t Need to Stay Dead to Make an Impact

I see a lot of well-intentioned fans of Wonder Woman worrying that Steve Trevor's return somehow negates what he did for Diana. I would like to change this conversation, for Wonder Woman, and for many movies where the impossible is part of the appeal.

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To Celebrate Steve Trevor’s Return, Here Is the Best Thing Ever Written About Chris Pine

There is only one way to express the full gamut of emotions where actor Chris Pine is concerned, and that is to show the people you know the Chris Pine pie analogy.

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We Really Need to Talk About Wonder Woman 2 Being Set During the Cold War

Ever since details about Wonder Woman 2 started to leak out, I haven't been able to think about much else, and I keep wondering what this new era will mean for Diana and Co. Talk to me.

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This Wonder Woman Fan Comic Adds an Unexpected and Hilarious Twist

I'm having a bit of a Wonder Woman moment, and as I scour the interwebs for Wonder Woman-related content, this delightful fan comic has fast become my fave. I keep returning to it every time I need something to smile about.

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5 Ways Steve Trevor Could Return to Wonder Woman Sequels That Would Hurt Me the Most, Ranked

Let's talk about how the DCEU could conceivably reunite Diana Prince and Steve Trevor in future installations and cause me immense pain.

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The Steve Trevor Factor: Wonder Woman Gives Us a Template for What Gender Equality Can Look Like

As female-led as this film was, and as important as the variations on femininity it portrayed were to it, the thing that firmly locked its message in place was Steve Trevor. **SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE FILM**

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