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Yes I Want To Talk About Wondertrev in the New Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer


New Wonder Woman 1984 still from the Junior Novelization

Shipping comic book characters is something that brings much joy to us all. But I’ve always been the kind of person who doesn’t much care about who my heroes fall in love with. In other fictional properties I love a good shipping, but it’s different with my superheroes because I always fear the worst. That being said, I still have my faves, like Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. And of course, how can I not ship Steve Trevor and Diana Prince?

In the new trailer for Wonder Woman 1984, I was confronted with the pain that often comes with loving WonderTrev (the ship name for Diana and Steve). The trailer shows Steve and Diana reunited for the first time since his death, while Max Lord’s voice-over promises people their wildest dreams. Suddenly, Steve is back from the dead, telling Diana “you look like you saw a ghost”, and I got chills.

This trailer reminded me that Steve and Diana are perfect for each other, in a way that just works. Steve knows of Diana’s power and her ability to help the world in a way he never could and he’s not intimidated by her. Diana loves Steve because he showed her his world and didn’t force his views on her. Even when he tried, she shut him down and he understood why.

The trailer did make me realize that this isn’t going to end happily for me. I know the lore of Steve Trevor. I know he constantly dies. But seeing how happy they are in this trailer, dancing and finally being together? It is going to make the inevitable that much worse.

Even the end scene, where Steve is trying on 80s looks for Diana and they’re teasing each other has this light air to it. When they’re clearly in trouble and he has to fly a plane, they’re firing back and forth at each other like an old married couple, and I don’t want to get my hopes up about it because I don’t really foresee it going well for them in the end.

Plus, you know, this.

While Diana Prince and Steve Trevor are always destined for each other, they’re also always destined for heartbreak and I don’t think Wonder Woman 1984 is going to be any different. But like the Wondertrev trash that I am, I’m going to watch it and fall in love with them all over again as Diana introduces Steve this new modern world. And who knows, maybe I’m wrong and they can dance together for the rest of their days. Maybe the comic book storyline of the gods giving Diana her love will play out. Either way, I’d like to thank this trailer for bringing my cold dead Wondertrev loving heart back to life.

(image: Warner Bros.)

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