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Please, I’m Begging, Let Diana Prince Carry Steve Trevor Like a Bride


Chris Pine in Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

Steve Trevor and Diana Prince are what the kids would call my “OTP” or, One True Pairing. Since the dawning of Wonder Woman’s red, blue, and gold, she has had Steve Trevor. He is, essentially, the Lois Lane to Diana Prince’s Clark Kent. But one thing that has always been clear in the world of Diana is that Steve Trevor is a man who knows his place.

Or more, Steve Trevor is willingly the damsel in distress more often than not. In the grand idea of Steve and Diana, he is, essentially, the type of love interest role that women normally occupy. Granted, Steve Trevor had a lot more to do and a lot more characterization than some of the female love interests of the past, but still, he willingly took to his role as Diana Prince’s human half and understood that his love was a literal goddess, and what he could and could not do in their relationship. (Also helps that she has a lasso that will burn him if he lies, but whatever.)

But my own personal favorite thing about their relationship is that Steve is, from time to time, carried like a bride is typically carried over the threshold. Why? Well, because Diana Prince is stronger than he is.

Diana prince carrying steve trevor like a bride

I have a love for Steve Trevor that I can’t really explain, probably because I’ve never really seen him as a man who tells a woman she can’t. That’s why I love Patty Jenkins and Chris Pine so much. They managed to make Steve Trevor a character who never came across as mansplaining or condescending. He was just trying to help Diana understand the way the world worked during World War I, and now, with Steve Trevor coming back into Diana’s life, she has the ability to show him the same. And also, you know … CARRY HIM LIKE A BRIDE.

So, my hope for Wonder Woman 1984 is simple: Just give me this one thing. I don’t care about anything else; I’ll love this movie no matter what because I love Diana Prince so much, but I just want Steve Trevor to be flying through the air, thinking he’s going to die or fall and get hurt or whatever, and I want my baby girl to fly up to him, catch him, and land with him in her arms.

Is that too much to ask for? Let my little WonderTrev heart soar, please!

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