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These Super-Spy Sunglasses Will Make Your iPhone Screen Invisible to Onlookers

Celal Göger, a smartphone repair specialist in Turkey, has invented a very impressive gadget in his free time. It's a pair of sunglasses that allows the wearer to see what's on their iPhone screen, while simultaneously masking that screen from anyone else's eyes.

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Under $100 Lamp Records and Secretly Livetweets Conversations

Let's shed some light... on your secrets.

Remember comedian Kyle Ayers eavesdropping on and livetweeting a couple's breakup? Hilarious, yes, but ethical... hard to say. Well, any residual paranoia New Yorkers had left over from that fiasco is about to increase 1,000 fold: the city now has secret livetweeting lamps. Quick, everyone do a room check!

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New Report Says the NSA Poses as Facebook to Spread Their Malware, Good Thing We’ve All Moved on to Twitter

When searching for terrorists, leave no picture of a baby or pet unchecked.

Oh my God, the NSA is posing as Facebook to spread malware and steal all of your data! Can you even belie—no, I can't do it. I just cannot be surprised at the depths of this whole NSA spying debacle anymore. I don't have anything left. If they mounted a camera to my skull that observed my face at all times, all they'd see is a lack of shock.

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Meet the OFF Pocket, a Privacy Accessory That Caters to Your Paranoia

There's probably a very niche market for this thing, but what is Kickstarter for if not niche markets?

Worried the guv'ment is spying on your phone? (They are!) Well now there's the OFF Pocket -- the cell phone equivalent of wearing an aluminum foil hat to keep people from reading your thoughts. It promises security from spies, and it's already halfway funded on Kickstarter.

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The NSA Is Getting Daily Updates Of Your Phone Records From Verizon

This morning in "I'm pretty sure you're not actually allowed to do that" news, the NSA is collecting the telephone records of millions of Americans on a daily basis. The Guardian newspaper in the U.K. has obtained a copy of an order from judge in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court requiring cell phone service provider Verizon to turn over the cell phone call records of all domestic calls, as well as calls placed in the U.S. to a foreign country. It's the first solid evidence that the unwarranted surveillance of millions of American citizens who are not accused of any crime -- which began in the terror-panicked wake of the 9/11 attacks -- is alive and well and living in Washington under the Obama administration.

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Mozilla Would Like You to Stop Making Your Spyware Look Like Firefox

Gamma International makes commercial spyware that governments and other entities use for various spy stuff. One of the reasons Gamma's software works is that it disguises itself as Mozilla's Firefox browser so that the people being spied upon don't delete it. That's clever, but Mozilla would like them to knock it off. Mozilla's even sent a cease and desist letter to Gamma.

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Former Police Spy Sues Department for Failing to Stop Him From Falling in Love

If you spend eight years working undercover in order to infiltrate an environmental movement, things are bound to get hairy. It's a complicated process to live a lie, and returning to the real world after everything's said and done is even more difficult. Mark Kennedy, known during his undercover operation as Mark Stone, found this out for himself at the beginning of last year. Now the disgraced former police officer is taking things a step further. He's suing the Metropolitan Police for damages between £50,000 and £100,000 -- or $80,070 and $160,140 -- for failing to prevent him from falling in love. Seriously.

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New Information In School Webcam Spying Scandal: “Thousands” of Secret Pictures Taken of Students

This February, parents of Lower Marion high school students brought suit against the school district for covertly spying on students using the webcameras of school issued MacBooks.  The LMSD said that the cameras, equipped with remote access software, were simply a security feature to be used in the case that the laptops were stolen or misplaced.  Parents say that they were never informed about this possible use of the cameras, and that some were activated without the computer being reported lost.  Michael and Holly Robbins found out about the cameras when pictures from their son's computer were used as evidence in disciplinary action against him. Now comes the information that the webcams took "thousands" of secret pictures of students in their homes.

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