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Sports Illustrated 2018 Swimsuit Issue Puts Women in Control

The annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is basically the gold standard for the straight male gaze in this country. Since, of course only men like sports, and men are only attracted to women, every year they trot out a special issue in which the manly-men who care about manly sports get to get a side of female cheesecake with their sports reporting. However, the issue's current (female!) editor, MJ Day is hoping to flip the script.

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Colin Kaepernick Awarded the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award by Beyoncé

Tuesday night, Beyoncé presented Colin Kaepernick with Sports Illustrated’s Muhammad Ali Legacy Award. The award is meant to honor "individuals whose dedication to the ideals of sportsmanship has spanned decades and whose career in athletics has directly or indirectly impacted the world."

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Cheryl Tiegs Shares Unfortunate Opinion About Other Women’s Bodies

Sports Illustrated seems to be taking a more body-positive view in regards to their swimsuit issue: the inclusion of Ashley Graham on one 2016 cover variant and the official tie-in with animated TV series Archer – which gives us a fair few images of Pam Poovey ‘flaunting her curves’ – means we the public are seeing a variety of bodies on beaches.

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Serena Williams Says She’s “Still Going” to Fans And Critics in Sportsperson of the Year Speech

Serena Williams was recently named Sports Illustrated's Sportsperson of the Year, and delivered a wonderful speech when she accepted her award.

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Amy Poehler & Seth Meyers Reunited to Wreck a Sports Illustrated Writer For His Sexist Tweet

"In fact, everyone just get off Twitter."

They take the writer to task, wondering why golf, coverage of the NFL draft, or six hours of pre-Kentucky Derby coverage are more worthwhile than watching women compete on a world stage.

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13-Year-Old Baseball Pitcher Mo’Ne Davis Will Be On The Cover Of Sports Illustrated!

The 13-year-old girl who made headlines last week for her 70 mph fastball and her historic Little League shutouts (yes, plural) is getting some much deserved recognition from one of the biggest names in sports journalism.

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Clickbait IRL: Barbie “Unapologetic” on Sports Illustrated Cover

Great Moments in Advertising

Mattel has decided to rehabilitate Barbie's falling image in the toy market (a 13% drop this holiday season over last) by changing nothing, and dismissing criticism of Barbie by talking about her as if she were a real person and not an image entirely created and controlled by a massive toy empire. Also by putting her on the cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit issue and starting the hashtag #unapologetic. It's so cute, watching a more than half-century old media franchise discover the marketing power of intentionally creating internet outrage while trying to make it look like an accident. I recommend ThinkProgress' take on the whole deal. Previously in Barbie

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Things We Saw Today: If Jurassic Park Were an ’80s Movie

Things We Saw Today

"Dino droppings? Rad!" By Tyler Jacobs, via Geeks are Sexy.

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Amazon Opposes Discontinuing Saturday Mail Delivery, Netflix Disagrees

The United States Postal Service, like just about everyone, is seeing some hard times. Among the proposals being considered to help get out of debt is the discontinuing of all Saturday mail service by the USPS. According to AOL News, the cut of Saturday mail delivery could save around $3.1 billion dollars per year. The USPS would lose $230 billion over the next decade if things continue as they are. Increased use of the internet for bill-paying and other transactions and communications are largely to blame for the deficit. Hallmark and CVS have both come out against the proposal to discontinue the service. But perhaps its most adamant opposition is Amazon, which insists that Saturday delivery is a vital part of the service they offer and something that people have come to expect from the epic marketplace.

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Apple’s Ban on Sexy iPhone Apps Gives Free Pass to SI Swimsuits and Playboy

After loads of speculation about Apple's sudden, sweeping ban of more than 5,000 sexually suggestive iPhone apps -- ranging from pornography to pictures of women in bikinis -- the company's head of worldwide product marketing, Philip W. Schiller, has explained where Apple is coming from. In an interview with the New York Times, Schiller says that complaints from "women who found the content getting too degrading and objectionable, as well as parents who were upset with what their kids were able to see" led Apple to institute its ban on sexually provocative iPhone apps. Why, then, did Apple give racy Playboy and Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue apps free passes, even as they shut down an app from a swimwear vendor that featured women wearing the bikinis they were trying to sell?

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