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John Wick Gets the Perfect “Honest Trailers” Treatment

Just in time for the release of John Wick: Chapter 2, the gang over at Screen Junkies have released an Honest Trailer for the first movie.

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Honest Trailers Comes for The Princess Bride


The Screen Junkies have come for The Princess Bride in the latest edition of Honest Trailers and, as per usual, it's spot on.

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Mortal Kombat (the Movies) Finally Gets the Honest Trailer Fatality It Deserves

Of course Mortal Kombat would get its own Honest Trailer. With Assassin's Creed trying to repair the damage of the terrible video game movie adaptations that came before, it's the perfect time to look back at one of the most notorious of the bunch.

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The Flash Honest Trailer Will Get You Primed for the Season 3 Premiere Tonight

Have you heard? The Flash is returning for its third season tonight and, after the events in the season finale, things will kick off with an alternate timeline known as Flashpoint. But before you dwell on the imminent threats that will arise from the big change, here's an Honest Trailer from the team over at Screen Junkies to remind you why this show is both light and fun, and a dramatic soap opera with spandex suits.

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Honest Trailers Provides The Killing Joke Animated Movie With a Well-Deserved Takedown

Screen Junkies' Honest Trailers series has just pointed their comedic spotlight on the latest embarrassing target: the recent animated adaptation of The Killing Joke.

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Nobody Has a Butthole: Honest Trailers Tackles Zootopia

Zootopia, also known as Paw and Order.

My favorite part about this Zootopia Honest trailer is that Screen Junkies seems to be having a hard time finding a lot of stuff to snark on. Zootopia is just that good!

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Screen Junkies Rips Apart The Jungle Book in Latest Honest Trailer

AKA The Jungle Bore

This latest Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies is, first of all, hilarious. Second, it is absolutely merciless (as it often is) as it rips apart Disney's apparent big-screen setup for Tail Spin, The Jungle Book.

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Honest Trailers Finally Tackles Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Sorry, I meant Star Wars: A Familiar Hope.

In this Honest Trailer, Screen Junkies walks the line between unapologetic Star Wars stanning and level-headed criticism, particularly of The Force Awakens' many similarities with A New Hope.

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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World‘s Honest Trailer Reminds Us All to Re-Read the Source Material

There are a few reasons why the movie version of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World did not work as well as the comic books, most of which make it into this Honest Trailer send-up. Even the Screen Junkies' jokesters have to admit that this movie's fun, though, provided you fit within its extremely niche target demographic.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Honest Trailer on Awkward Tie-Ins, Rare Celebrity Cameos, and Tahiti

Sure, this Honest Trailer features five minutes of mockery about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but even Screen Junkies has to admit: "When you really think about it, it's kinda surprising that it's even as good as it is."

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This Labyrinth Honest Trailer Will Have You in Stitches

Get it? Stitches?! Haaa.

The entire honest trailer had me in stitches (pun very intended) from beginning to end, and perfectly treads the line of irreverence.

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Ant-Man‘s Honest Trailer Lampshades All the Iron Man Similarities

Ant-Man was around when I started to tire of the patterns in the Marvel movie formula -- and here's the Honest Trailers take on that exact problem.

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Fantastic Four’s Honest Trailer Injects Jokes Into The Low-Energy Slog

Fantastic 4 must have been a pretty awkward and low-energy ride, because even the Honest Trailer seems tinged with a little sadness. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of zingers in here -- but the actors look so bored and disengaged throughout it all that even the funny voiceover can't quite save 'em.

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Honest Trailer for Terminator Genisys Does Not Hold Back

"They mean GENESIS, right?"

The Blu-ray for Terminator Genisys is out today, which features some pretty cool features. Screen Junkies, not to be upstaged, shared their honest trailer which is brutal.

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Things We Saw Today: Aladdin‘s Honest Trailer Honors the Genie’s Legacy

Screen Junkies' skewering of old Disney classics continues with this "Honest Trailer" for Aladdin, featuring a new twist on the Genie's friendship ditty: "You're Never Gonna Recast Me."

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The Honest Trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction Reminds Us the Franchise Should Go Extinct

Giant asteroids, we've got a job for you.

There is really a scene in this movie in which the characters take a break from the plot to explain why it's legal for the adult male and underage female characters to sleep together. That's all I have to say about that.

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Set Unreasonably High Expectations for the Destiny Honest Trailer

[We'll patch the subhead in with a DLC pack later.]

All aboard the hype train! Last stop: Disappointment Village.

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Portal Games Get an Honest Trailer, and a 3-Year-Old Girl Plays Portal 2 Like a Boss

In an honest trailer, is the cake still a lie?

The Portal games are great, but they're also pretty short (and fairly similar), so this Honest Trailer team up from Smosh Games and Screen Junkies takes a look at both of them. And, in keeping with the theme of things in pairs and honest reactions, there's a bonus video of a 3-year-old girl playing Portal 2 better than a lot of full grown adults I know after the jump.

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Honest Trailer for Wolf of F%@king Wall Street Tries to Out F%@k the Actual Movie

Hey, did you guys know Leonardo DiCaprio still doesn't have an Oscar?

Screen Junkies is back with another Honest Trailer. This time around they're pointing out all the sex, swearing, and "Martin Scorsese-isms" of Wolf of Wall Street. As ever, this Honest Trailer hilariously points out what's absurd about a movie. They're also hung up on DiCaprio not having an Oscar.

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Not All of Marvel’s Movies Have Been 100% Gold, as These Obscure Adaptations Show Us

Turns out that Fantastic Four subplot of Arrested Development was more accurate than we all thought.

Between Thor 2: The Dark World's recent release and the news that Marvel and Netflix are making a bunch of Luke Cage/Iron Fist/Jessica Jones/Daredevil TV series, it's a pretty good day to be a Marvel fan. But, as Hal Rudnick of Screen Junkies tells us, there've been some pretty lame Marvel adaptations.

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