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Honest Trailers Tackles Avengers: Endgame in Hilarious New Video

The Infinity War saga gets a solid sendoff from Screen Junkies.
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How do you sum up Avengers: Endgame, the culmination of 22 interconnected films that span just over a decade? By mocking it mercilessly, of course! The Screen Junkies team has finally set their sights on Avengers: Endgame and their Honest Trailer of the highest grossing film of all time does not disappoint.

The gang makes fun of the confusing phases, cycles, sequels, and television spin-offs of the mega popular franchise. “Remember when movies just, you know, ended? And your imagination ad to take over? Ugh! Sounds exhausting.” The trailer then delves into the opening of Endgame, where everyone is sad and grieving those lost in the Snapture. The trailer jokes that the new world is a safe haven for introverts, and that the Snap took so many actors that directors (i.e. Joe Russo’s cameo) are now in front of the camera.

The trailer then reminds us that time travel is the ultimate solution to franchise films writing themselves into a corner, citing X-Men, Men in Black, and Star Trek as examples. Time travel is a pretty handy device, come to think of it, especially if you’re already operating within the sci-fi sphere.

The trailer then jumps around the different MCU locations, including “the SHIELD base where they store all their closure” and “a daring raid to justify the existence of Thor: The Dark World“. The trailer then mashes up all the scenes where characters repeatedly try to explain the properties of time travel.

Seeing them all in a row is an interesting look at how the film takes a complex concept like time travel and describes it both in more complex and simpler terms. yes it’s repetitive, but considering that the audience for the film spans all ages, it’s a clever way to make sure everyone from kids to seniors can follow along with the movie’s logic.

HT also touches on the changes in the characters, i.e. Tony Stark’s maturity, Cap’s loss of innocence (see cursing, lying, and admiring his own butt), and Thor, “who it’s okay to make fat jokes about, because he’s also suffering from a very realistic post-traumatic stress disorder” and The Hulk, “who cut down on the run-time by finishing his arc before the movie starts.”

They also call out the bummer ending for Black Widow, “who finally gets a primary storyline in one of these movies: killing herself to motivate the boys.” Similarly, they poke fun at Captain Marvel’s absence, since she is so powerful she’d end the movie in like, five minutes. They also goof on the pandering all female Avengers team-up shot, wondering if we’ll get an all-female spin-off before looking at the future’s jam-packed Marvel schedule.

Screen Junkies finishes up the trailer with a thoughtful look at Endgame’s place in the pantheon of grand genre finales. “So in a world, where everyone hates Game of Thrones now, everyone’s worried about Star Wars, and J.K. Rowling won’t stop crapping on the floor of her legacy, it’s a minor miracle we got a satisfying conclusion to a global nerd franchise.”

What did you think of the Endgame Honest Trailer?

(via Screen Junkies, image: Screen Junkies)

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