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Things We Saw Today: Honest Trailers Really Captures the Shakespearian Aspects of Transformers

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If you want to check out the best Shakespeare joke you are ever going to see associated with a Transformers movie, look no further than the latest Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies. This was the last entry in their requested series for movies to cover from 2017 and it definitely delivered. The Transformers franchise is very much ripe for mocking and yet somehow none of the jokes feel like low-hanging fruit. Even though I haven’t seen this latest installment I see it has all the casual racism and sexism we have come to expect from a Michael Bay feature. Including Vivian,  “a brilliant, British uterus” who is clearly Bay’s latest attempt at a Megan Fox remix. Sorry Bay, you can’t beat the original.


  • Nafessa Williams who is currently killing it on Black Lightning, airing tonight at 9pm, speaks on portraying a black lesbian on the show and the positive reception she has been getting from viewers. The interview is awesome and Anissa is such an amazing character. (via EW)
  • Leslie Jones’ amazing Olympics commentary lit up the internet back in 2016 and she will be returning to deliver some more hilarious play-by-play for the upcoming Olympics in South Korea. (via AV Club)
  • In a bizarre piece of casting apparently, Detective Pikachu has added Bill Nighy and Chris Geere to it’s casting. What exactly is this movie going to be? (via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • Emily Chambers wrote a really excellent article talking about Aziz Ansari in “The Case Against ‘No'” which really gets to the heart of why being able to understand non-verbal cues is so important and why it is so hard for women to say “no” at the beginning. Really worth a reading. (via Pajiba)

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