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What Book Would You Recommend for Someone Who’s Never Read Science Fiction Before?

Genre can be a polarizing subject. I've been drawn to fantasy and science fiction literature all my life, but I have friends who would rather read the dictionary than pick up a book with a spaceship on the cover. But sometimes, the right book can create a convert. Do you have a favorite for the uninitiated?

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Soothe Yourself With The Gentle Song of Space Whales

Panacée, a short animated film from Vimeo user NALEB (a.k.a Jules Boulain-Adenis), follows two women astronauts as they discover the magical biodiversity of an alien world.

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MoMA’s Upcoming Sci-fi Exhibition Is the City’s Best Summer Attraction

Future Imperfect: The Uncanny in Science Fiction, will be at the MoMA July 17 through August 31, with 70 science- fiction films from 22 countries "including the United States, the Soviet Union, China, India, Cameroon, Mexico and beyond." It is organized by curator Joshua Siegel.

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Watch This Robot Dad Try to Save His Family From Pseudoscience and An Oppressive Religion in “Battery Life”

In "Battery Life," a family of robots find themselves cast out by their religious community after an accident nearly kills their son. Both mother and father sacrifice to try and save their child and find out the truth.

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Looking for Short, Quality Sci-Fi Content? Oats Studios and Dust Are Here to Provide

Yesterday, an exciting sci-fi vehicle starring Sigourney Weaver and directed by District 9's Neill Blomkamp dropped. Only, it wasn't in theaters.

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The Future of Your City Is Absolutely Terrifying, According to Science Fiction


While D.C. and L.A. are trying to give us a run for our money, disaster-wise, I think I can say, my fellow New Yorkers, that based on the movies we're totally screwed.

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Watch: Science Fiction and the Problem with the “Born Sexy Yesterday” Trope

Pop Culture Detective analyzed a science fiction trope they call "Born Sexy Yesterday," in which a woman with the mind of a child and the body of an adult, sexualized woman falls in love with an otherwise average man who understands the world better than she does.

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Let’s Build More Hopeful Futures: A Call to Arms

We’ve imagined our way into this dystopia, so let’s imagine our way out.

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These Science Fiction Shows and Movies Help Me Parent in Uncertain Times

Using TV and movies as distraction is one of my key coping mechanisms these days, since breastfeeding precludes me from heavy drinking.

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James Cameron Is Making a Documentary About the History of Science Fiction

Director James Cameron has signed a deal with AMC to produce a six-episode documentary series, tentatively titled James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction, which will explore how science fiction tries to answer humanity's "big questions."

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We Make the Multiverse: How Sci-Fi and Fantasy Can Save the World

In a sociopolitical climate defined by fear, uncertainty, and divisiveness, speculative fiction in all its forms is more critical than ever.

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Arrival Provides a Blueprint for Facing Trauma

How do we go forward into the next four years knowing what trauma awaits so many?

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Hey, Military Science Fiction Authors: Stop It With the Tropes Already

To subvert your Military Woman trope, you’ve got to subvert your Military trope. Which means subverting your Military Man trope, and probably your Man Trope in general.

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Interview: Killjoys‘ Tamsen McDonough Talks Fan Experiences, Playing a Spaceship & Being Part of the MCU

I fangirled hard while talking with McDonough, the voice of Lucy the Spaceship on Syfy's big damn space western Killjoys.

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Invisible Universe Explores Connection Between Marginalized Voices and Real-World Oppression in Speculative Fiction

TMS' Charline Jao reported on the crowdfund for an awesome-looking documentary called Invisible Universe: A History of Blackness in Speculative Fiction by filmmaker M. Asli Dukan is finally almost ready for viewing eyes! In celebration, Dukan has released its first trailer, which you can see after the jump.

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The X-Files Newbie Recap: Season 9 & I Want To Believe

Think of me, think of me fondly when we've said gooodbyeee...

And guys, I really did want to believe.

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Ghosts in the Machine: Female Computers in Science Fiction and History

You can take the woman out of the workplace, but you can't take the woman out of the machine she helped create.

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Our Fair City: A Refreshing, Witty Take on Dystopia

Don't worry, when the world ends the private insurance companies will be there to...take charge.

Take care in navigating the tunnels, Policy, and remember to keep an eye out for MolePeople. These are the absolutely true and trustworthy records of Our Fair City's glorious history. Listen, and remember.

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Dismantling the Media’s Myths About Schizophrenia

My mission was clear: my character's schizophrenia not only had to be real, it also had to be accurate and respectful.

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Writing For Me: How Fantasy Tropes Can Bring Out the Power of Being a Fangirl

I wanted to write a story that not only was different than what was normally told, but pointed out why diversity is important. That not only contains it, but also discusses it. I wanted to write a book that makes the readers intensely aware that it is a book. And yet still be entertaining.

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