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Things We Saw Today: New Ant-Man Figure Looks Just Like…Ben Affleck?

We know it's sometimes difficult for people to keep things like celebrities, comics publishers, and superheroes straight, so maybe this new Ant-Man figure is sort-of understandable? Hot Toys is generally known for the amazing likenesses of their figures. However, as HitFix points out, their new Ant-Man figure looks more like...Ben Affleck's Batman.

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Things We Saw Today: Rey’s Original Name Revealed in Force Awakens Concept Art

Buzzfeed has some images up from the new book The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and I absolutely advise checking it out now to see some really rad early concept art for Rey.

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Jessica Chobot Stars As Samus Aran In A Short Live-Action Metroid Film

Remember that short Wonder Woman fan film from a couple years back? That was the work of Rainfall Films, who've now made another short film about one of genre fiction's notable heroines: Samus Aran of the Metroid game franchise.

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Well, That Escalated Quickly: A Samus Followup

The geek world thinks itself too smart to be affected by prejudices like transphobia. This is blatantly, harmfully untrue.

The most harmful, damaging argument by far is that by claiming Samus is a transgender woman, I am somehow taking away her legacy as a strong female character. This, put bluntly, is blatantly transphobic and terrible.

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Metroid’s Samus Aran is a Transgender Woman. Deal With It.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the lack of women protagonists in videogames. But our problems with diversity don’t stop there. As one article recently noted, shockingly, there have only been 14 playable black women in videogame history. Gamers who aren't cisgender white men often find themselves lacking characters they can rally behind.

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On Samus, Writing Reflexively, and Finding My Voice

Metroid music FTW!

When I first began working on my Metroid EP at the end of 2013, my persistent anxiety had hit an all-time high.

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More Female-Led Indie Games That Prove Games With Women Work: Welcome to the Club, Samus

If even indie titles with female leads like Bloodstained can get the massive support they do, that seems like a pretty clear indicator that actual consumers aren’t bothered by women leading their games. So until big name companies stop with the lame, antiquated excuses, let’s talk more indie titles starring kick-ass women!

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How to Make Video Games for Girls

Developers, publishers, and marketing professionals, take heed.

Just as many girls as guys are playing video games these days. That means developers have to step up to the challenge of appealing to both genders. But they sure do miss the mark in figuring out What Girls Want. So get out a pencil and paper and take note. It’s not that hard, I promise.

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Cosplayer’s 3D-Printed Samus Varia Suit Is Unbelievable

But what happens to her when she goes into morph ball mode?

Cosplayer Talaaya's two-year quest to build her own Varia Suit from Metroid has clearly been well worth it. (Videos and more after the jump.)

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Dorkly Shows Us 20 Pieces Of Expertly Crafted Video Game Graffiti

You may have you own opinions on graffiti but this one, spotted by scrambler90, features badass Samus and I wish someone had done it on my wall.

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Today in Indie Comics: Zac Gorman’s Magical Game Time

We Can Be Heroes

Ever wonder what's going through the mind of your favorite video game characters once the console is off? Curious how the heroes you love spend their downtime between boss battles? Zac Gorman's gorgeous animated webcomic series Magical Game Time explores exactly those thoughts. The art's use of texture and muted colors create a perfect isolated and self-reflective feel to the comic, which explores the inner lives of some of gamedom's most iconic heroes as well as sharing the artist's own musings on the way that video games, their stories, and their characters affect the lives of the players.

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This Mini Metroid Movie Will Make You Want A Full Length Animated Film


This Super Metroid animation is so serene and well drawn that you could almost forget that there is a giant monster bearing down on our hero. Of course, the visuals combined with the monster fighting power of Samus Aran are what make me think that this needs to become a feature length animation. The short animation was created by artist Dave Rapoza, who, sadly, did not animate it as a sign of more Metroid movie magic to come, but as a means of learning more about animation. Previously in Metroid

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Samus Gets a New Neighbor

It Came From Outer Space

Don't worry Samus. The bigger the Metriod, the easier it is to hit! Previously in Metroid

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Things We Saw Today: The Easter Island Statues Have Bodies — Bodies

Things We Saw Today

Seriously, how did it take humans this long to realize that there might be bodies attached to those heads? Well, there are bodies attached to those heads, and here they are! (via Think Box)

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This Papercraft Samus Aran is Almost Seven Feet Tall

If you've been waiting all your life to see a 6'10 papercraft Samus Aran, today is the day your dreams come true and you'll have to find some new dreams. Flickr user IAmThatOneGuy made this awesome, tall Samus figure out of nothing but paper and glue. He used the Samus model from Metroid Prime 2, of the stellar Metroid Prime trilogy. Unfortunately, rolling this Samus into a ball would pretty much be irreparable. Head on past the break for some more pictures of this gargantuan paper Samus.

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The Deliciously Nerdy Art of Beth Turnsek

eye candy

Good morning! You may recollect this adorable genderswapped Mario family, as it has been floating around the internet for a while now, since being brought to life by animation student Beth Turnsek. But yesterday Comics Alliance featured some more of her work, and we couldn't resist pulling out even more for you to enjoy.

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Life-Size Metroid's Samus Aran Made From Various Nintendo Cartridges

Originally commissioned for used games retailer JJGames, Metroid's Samus Aran has been recreated using Nintendo cartridges from a few of their older systems, including the Game Boy, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, and the Nintendo 64. The seller is claiming the piece is life-size, and measures Samus in at around 5 feet 8 inches, accounting for her diagonal pose. If you act quickly, the piece can be yours via electronic bidding magic.

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Pixelated Metroid Cosplay is Way Better Than Sexy Metroid Cosplay

Metroid's Samus Aran is a popular cosplay character, partly because Samus was the first iconic female video game character who wasn't a helpless princess, partly because Samus is awesome and you know it, and partly because pretty girls like to dress up as various incarnations of Samus -- one of which happens to be Samus in a blue leotard with long blond hair -- and this is the Internet. Dan Cattell and Krystal Belcher, however, took the cosplay in a different direction. Krystal dressed up as the pixelated Samus of old when she made her bones in a big suit of armor rather than a leotard (not counting a certain famous cheat code), and when her gender didn't matter, which is what made it matter.

Along with Krystal as the retro Samus, Cattell whipped up and hopped into a pixelated Chozo, the iconic keepers of Samus' suit and weapon upgrades. The cosplay is featured in the latest issue of Nintendo Power, a magazine you may be surprised to hear is still around.

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Video Game Characters Reimagined

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

An artist identifying his/herself as Agent Melon has drawn up some really groovy renderings of some of our favorite video game ladies (plus a few friends). Here are a few choice selections.

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