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Stop Attacking Hillary Clinton Over Harvey Weinstein—Republicans Are the Ones Who Don’t Trust Women

Clinton’s response follows days of aggressively snide comments from the right, who have rallied behind Donald Trump, Jr. — suddenly a proponent of the “liberal,” “fake news” Times now that it’s published a report that can be used against Democrats — to call out the “hypocrisy” of any and every left-leaning celebrity who’s ever made a comment on politics if they have yet to formally challenge Weinstein to a duel.

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Things We Saw Today: Why Yes, Gal Gadot IS Just Like Wonder Woman In Real Life

Gal Gadot is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend and we are very excited.

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Speaking Out Against Gun Violence Right Now Isn’t “Too Political.” For Most, It’s All We Have

No one is using death to advance their politics. We are trying to use politics to prevent deaths.

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The Republican Tax Reform Push Could Attack Reproductive Rights

Surprise, surprise.

Welcome to The Week in Reproductive Justice, a weekly recap of all news related to the hot-button issue of what lawmakers are allowing women to do with their bodies!

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No One Has Any Patience for This “I Regret My Trump Vote” Tearful Handholding

If you've realized the error of your ways, that's a fine start, but you don't get praise or sympathy and the New York Times sure as hell shouldn't be letting you believe otherwise.

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Aww, Look at This Poor Breitbart Editor Being Personally Attacked by Vogue, Jennifer Lawrence & the Statue of Liberty

Predictably, Carney's response to everyone laughing at him for losing it over a picture of the Statue of Liberty was to say that we were all "triggered." Yes, that's right. Us. Not the man who can't look at a magazine cover.

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Morning Joe Host Identifies Problem With Men Today: Too Many Video Games, Not Enough Dying In War

You can take the Republican out of the Party, but you can't take the misinformed, backwards ideology out of the Republican.

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Recovering From Brain Surgery, John McCain Cast the Deciding Vote in Advancing the Obamacare Repeal

Twitter is not feeling the need to be kind.

John McCain took a break from recovering from brain surgery to fly across the country and participate in today's senate vote. The internet is not holding its tongue in telling him why that's terrible.

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Republican Women Were Left Out of the ACA Repeal Discussion, And I’m Guessing Their Colleagues Are Pretty Sorry

We have these three Republican women to thank for killing this plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act. (And, you know, all the Democrats, too.)

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Republicans Understand So Little About Pregnancy & Abortion, They Voted to Let Pregnant Women Murder People

Pregnant women in New Hampshire were THIS CLOSE to being able to murder with impunity.

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In Today’s IRL Handmaid’s Tale, Missouri Voted to Legalize Discrimination Against Women Who Use Birth Control

Under his eye.

This past February, St. Louis, Missouri voted to declare itself an "abortion sanctuary city." The state wasn't too happy with that.

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Julius Caesar Protestors Are Rushing the Stage While Others Attack the Wrong Shakespeare Companies

If these protestors don't want to think about the actual message of the play they're criticizing, is it really too much to ask that they at least know what theater they're sending their hate mail to?

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Human Trash Fire Eric Trump Says If You Don’t Support His Father, You’re “Not Even Human”

What a deplorable.

Yup, the guy who poses for pictures with severed elephant tails and steals money from children's cancer research says we're "not human."

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Mike Pence Claims Climate Change Is Only an Issue For “The Left,” Is Just Totally Phoning It in Now

Mike Pence, our theocrat-in-waiting Vice President and a man I now call "the Spanish Inquisition," went on Fox & Friends in the face of international outcry about Trump's Paris Accords decision. He whinged that climate change was only a problem for the left, since apparently the right wing lives on another planet. Can we go there once this planet is ruined?

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This Cannot Be the New Normal: GOP Candidate “Body Slammed” & Punched a Reporter for Asking Question on Health Care

We saw on Trump's campaign tour how he turned crowds against the press, promoting violence against journalists at rallies. So after that guy won, why would colleagues and supporters feel at all deterred from letting loose their own rage? This is now a world in which someone like Greg Gianforte, a candidate in today's special election to fill a vacant congressional seat in Montana, responds to questions from a journalist with all-out violence.

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Update on the GOP Red Pill Creator: He Just Resigned, After Being Protected By His Republican Colleagues

Boy bye

Robert Fisher, the Republican lawmaker who also created Reddit's awful Red Pill forum, resigned after an investigative committee voted not to take any action against him.

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When Republicans Say “Like A Business,” I Think They Mean “Like A Dictatorship”

The president is not a CEO, and he is not a dictator. Stop acting like he's entitled to be both.

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Republican Lawmaker Who Created Reddit’s Red Pill Forum Dragged by Women at an Investigative Hearing

Don't worry, though. He swears he's "never hated women."

"I can tell you with certainty, rape is no joke. When you use it to fumble around with other rape apologists in chatrooms designed to discuss sexual strategies with other misogynists, you are not just participating in rape culture. You are grooming it, you are cultivating it, you are growing it."

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Thinking Ahead: Website Will Mail Your Ashes to a GOP Congressperson if Trumpcare Kills You

If yesterday's House vote on the American Health Care Act (or Trumpcare, as he reportedly hates to hear it called, so naturally that's what we'll call it) left you terrified, you aren't alone.

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It’s Scary That Playing “Republican or Handmaid’s Tale?” Is So Hard

It's hard to traverse the Internet lately without tripping over articles on how Hulu's Handmaid's Tale adaptation seems eerily relevant these days, but pointing that out is only one way to put things into frightening perspective. Another, as demonstrated in this Refinery29 video from Samantha Bee's Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner is to have people try to tell the difference between our actual reality and dystopian fiction.

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