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Bill Cosby’s Trial Ends in a Mistrial, but the District Attorney Will Retry the Case

The jury in Bill Crosby's trial for aggravated indecent assault has deadlocked, resulting in a mistrial. However, Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele issued a statement that he will seek a new trial.

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Feminism Around the World: Affluent Young Man Acquitted of Sexual Assault Because There Was No “Lascivious Intent”

A 17-year-old-girl in the affluent state of Veracruz, Mexico was attending a New Year's party with friends from her exclusive Catholic high school on the first day of 2015. As she was preparing to leave, 19-year-old Diego Cruz and three of his friends forced her into a car and allegedly sexually assaulted her.

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Interview: The Zookeeper’s Wife‘s Niki Caro and Jessica Chastain on Rape in Film, Working with Daniel Brühl and More

"I appreciate a film that doesn't rely on a rape scene to get an audience to feel an emotion."

When it comes to films set during WWII, they often focus on the brave soldiers who either risked or sacrificed their lives for the greater good. These tales, while epic and every bit deserving of recognition, aren't the only stories to be told.

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Judge Declares That Kesha Should’ve Known Dr. Luke Was Going to Rape and Abuse Her, Rejects Her Lawsuit

This week, Kesha appeared in front of the New York Supreme Court, hoping against hope that Justice Shirley Kornreich, who has previously ruled in alleged rapist Dr. Luke’s favor, would reconsider an amended lawsuit. However, Kornreich sided with him again, this time with a side-helping of victim blaming.

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Bernardo Bertolucci’s Treatment of Maria Schneider While Filming Last Tango in Paris Was Inexcusable, Not a “Ridiculous Misunderstanding”

The infamous ending scene of Bernardo Bertolucci's Last Tango in Paris made headlines again over the weekend when a 2013 interview surfaced of the director revealing that he and Brando did not tell 19-year-old actor Maria Schneider the details of the scene.

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The Internet Reacts to #TrumpTapes: Could This Be the Nail in the Trump Campaign’s Coffin? Not… Everything Else Before Now?

Hardly the first time that Donald Trump has shown his true colors. And yet, here we are.

When I saw the news yesterday that Donald Trump had made statements about groping women back in 2005, I assumed this disgusting piece of news about him would get ignored by everyone, just like everything else about him. But I might be wrong. This one might stick. Why, though?

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What Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer Get Wrong About Sexual Assault

To dismiss us as needing to be stronger can dismiss the women who still feel heartbreakingly fragile, and it vastly narrows and undermines Dunham and Schumer’s interpretations of feminism to a solipsistic, privileged lens.

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U.S. House of Representatives Passes Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights in Unanimous Vote

It seems as though the Brock Turner case was the thing that finally forced the US Federal government to look more closely at the problem of sexual assault, particularly as it affects college campuses. Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted unanimously for legislation to be included in a Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights.

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Gabrielle Union of Birth of a Nation Speaks Out: “I Cannot Take Nate Parker Rape Allegations Lightly”

Gabrielle Union, one of the stars of Nate Parker's film The Birth of a Nation, has published an editorial addressing the rape allegations made against Parker.

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Things We Saw Today: Stranger Things’ Baby Eleven Loves Her Eggos

This adorable photo of a baby dressed up as Eleven holding Eggos just has us dying in the TMS Slack. Dying, I say.

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The Problem With Kurt Metzger, Rape Culture, and His Rape Apologist Comments

Recent Inside Amy Schumer writer Kurt Metzger posted some especially heinous rape apologist opinions regarding sexual assault and continues to double down on them. Here's why he's wrong.

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Feminism Around the World: Malaysian Rapists Marry Child Brides to Escape Prosecution

There are two things that are very wrong in Malaysia right now. First, rape in a marriage is not illegal. So, once you get hitched, rape "ceases to exist." Second, adult men can legally marry children. These two things working in tandem make life as a young girl in Malaysia particularly difficult.

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Erykah Badu Pledges Concert Proceeds to Assist Detroit’s Rape Kit Backlog Project

Singer Erykah Badu has announced that she's donating a portion of the proceeds from her ticket sales to the African American 490 Challenge, which raises money to help get the over 11,300 untested rape kits in Detroit tested.

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California Now the First US State to Make Learning About Sexual Consent Mandatory in High School

It's been a hell of a week for rape culture as we've all been bombarded with ever-worsening tidbits about convicted Stanford University rapist, Brock Turner. However, there's also reason to be hopeful today. California governor Jerry Brown's office announced yesterday that the state will now make it mandatory for high schools to teach students about sexual consent. It's the first US state to do so.

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Father of Convicted Stanford University Sex Offender Defends Son’s “20 Minutes of Action” in Letter to Judge

As if the slap-on-the-wrist sentence given to convicted sex offender Brock Turner, a 20-year-old former Stanford University swimmer who sexually assaulted a female student behind a dumpster, weren't bad enough, there was something going around my social media feeds this weekend that somehow nauseated people more than even the details of the case — his father's response.

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Kesha’s Mom Shares Her Perspective About Abuse Allegations Against Dr. Luke

For the first time since her daughter Kesha brought allegations of rape and abuse against her producer, Dr. Luke, Rosemary Patricia “Pebe” Sebert is speaking out about her daughter's case, giving her perspective on the horrible situation.

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Uber Dismisses Thousands of Customer Service Tickets Claiming “Rape” or “Sexual Assault”

Or, Why You Should Use Lyft Instead

Oh Uber, will you ever get it right?

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Bill Cosby Appeal Denied, He Will Have to Stand Trial in Pennsylvania Sexual Assault Case

Back in December, the Pennsylvania District Attorney charged Bill Cosby in the 2004 assault of Andrea Constand, a former Temple University employee. Since then, Cosby and his lawyer have attempted to appeal, saying that a previous DA promised him he'd never be charged over this encounter. *sigh* Now, a PA judge be like "Are you fucking kidding me?" OK, so those weren't the exact words, but the point is, the appeal was denied.

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Australian Men Plead Guilty to Gang-Rape, Get to Go Home After Paying Victim €20,000

If anyone ever challenges you on the idea that Rape Culture is actually a thing in this world, go ahead and send them this story.

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Kesha Wins One Legal Battle Over Her Producer/Alleged Rapist Dr. Luke; Still Can’t Make Music Outside His Company

Last September, we wrote about the profoundly fucked-up legal battles Kesha has been trapped in with her producer Dr. Luke, who she alleges abused, drugged, and raped her. Kesha filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke in October 2014, to which he responded with his own suit claiming that the singer fabricated accusations to get out of her contract with him and Sony records.

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