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Monday Cute: Therapy Raccoon Gives Sick Woman New Lease on Life

You may have known that there's such a thing as service dogs for the blind, and if you read Y: The Last Man you know that Capuchin monkeys are often used as helper animals for people with disabilities. But did you know there are therapy raccoons? This one's named Cody.

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Guy Tries To Shoot Raccoon, Sneezes, Shoots Himself Instead

This lesson here is to not try to shoot things that might trigger your allergies.

Today in our coverage of the ongoing war between Man and Raccoon, an 81-year-old man in Connecticut was sitting in his yard waiting to surprise an invading raccoon with his rifle when apparently he sneezed, fell off his chair, and shot himself in the shin. Presumably the raccoon then laughed maniacally and scampered away.

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A Polite Discussion on How to Properly Throw a Raccoon

Assuming you must toss a raccoon, that is.

As you may or may not be aware, Digg founder Kevin Rose made waves on the Internet over the past couple days by posting a security video where, in an effort to save his dog Toaster, he tossed a raccoon down a flight of stairs. Part of this interest comes from the inevitable group calling his actions "animal abuse," but the other segment of viewers are surely tuning in simply because, well, it's Rose tossing a raccoon. It's with this in mind that we present a polite discussion on how to properly throw a raccoon.

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Relax With This Adorable Animal Supercut [Video]

I don't know about you, but we've had kind of a stressful day here in the office. What better way to help deal with that stress than kicking back with a seven-minute supercut of super cute animals doing super cute things set to nice soft music. This video runs the fun range of Internet animal cuteness from a yawning sloth, to a baby owl being petted, to a little raccoon doing little raccoon things with its little raccoon hands. This video pairs well with a warm cup of tea and footie pajamas.

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Raccoons Take Over Tower Crane, Delay Construction of Apartment Complex

There's always been something I didn't trust about raccoons. Maybe it's the fact that they're scavengers who have knocked over more of my garbage cans than I care to recall. Or maybe it's just their beady, criminal eyes resting in the domino-masks that denote them as nature's criminals. Whatever the reason, all my suspicions about raccoons were confirmed this morning when news broke that a pair of raccoons -- who are probably terrorists -- have taken over a tower crane in Seattle, scaring off workers and hamstringing construction work on a new apartment complex.

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