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Relax With This Adorable Animal Supercut [Video]

I don’t know about you, but we’ve had kind of a stressful day here in the office. What better way to help deal with that stress than kicking back with a seven-minute supercut of super cute animals doing super cute things set to nice soft music. This video runs the fun range of Internet animal cuteness from a yawning sloth, to a baby owl being petted, to a little raccoon doing little raccoon things with its little raccoon hands. This video pairs well with a warm cup of tea and footie pajamas.

This masterpiece comes courtesy of The Humpy Observer, whose name suggests a whole other kind of video entirely, but we’re grateful for this one. Cute animals being cute is kind of what the Internet is all about. It’s either that or creating a globally connected information network, but it’s probably more about the cute animals thing.

Thanks, Humpy Observer. We needed this today.

(via YouTube)

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