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Open Bionics Is Making Prosthetic Arms Inspired by Deus Ex

We've seen lots of cool prosthetics in recent years, including ones that you control with your damn mind. Still, the ones we tend to see in science fiction are a bit cooler—for now, that is. Open Bionics aims to buck that trend with some new prosthetics designed to mimic the ones from Eidos Montreal's Deus Ex games, and the designs are looking pretty slick so far.

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Texas Girl With Prosthetic Leg Receives Doll with Same, Proceeds to Cry Happy Tears

In case you still needed convincing as to why diversity and representation is important when it comes to children's toys, allow me to submit this stunning and joyous example.

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KIDMob’s Superhero Cyborgs Teaches Kids to Design Prosthetics

"What happens if we address a missing limb as a blank canvas rather than a disability?" That's the question that KIDMob, a "kid-integrated design firm" non-profit, is trying to answer with creative problem solving workshops like Superhero Cyborgs.

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Disney Works with Bionics Company to Develop Star Wars and Avengers Bionic Limbs for Kids

This is awesome for so many reasons: startup Open Bionics and the Disney Accelerator program have joined forces to create prosthetic limbs for kids based on The Avengers, Frozen, and Star Wars.

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Teen with Down Syndrome and Bionic Model Take New York Fashion Week Runway

Madeline Stuart and Rebekah Marine took the New York Fashion Week runway to show that beauty has no bounds.

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Science Gives Paralyzed Man a Robotic Arm That Can Feel

I thought we were supposed to help the robots feel?

A 28-year-old man has been given a prosthetic arm he can actually feel. It seems that the robots have already learned to feel and are passing that skill—the one we thought they'd come to us for help with—back on to humans. Quick! Start trying to think of other reasons humans are useful, everyone!

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LEGO-Compatible Prosthetic Arm Lets Kids Get Creative

Meet your new Master Builders

Carlos Arturo Terres Tovar has designed a prosthetic arm at Umeå University in Sweden called IKO that’s compatible with LEGO. The project seeks to encourage kids to build their own prosthetics while also having fun.

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Little Girl’s Amazing 3D-Printed Arm Only Cost $50

Now it won't cost you an arm and a leg for an arm or a leg.

When Faith Lennox was born, she had no circulation in her left forearm and doctors were forced to amputate just below the elbow when she was only nine months old. Kids like Faith outgrow prosthetic limbs quickly and they're very expensive - but now 3D printing has changed all of that.

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8th Graders Craft Frozen-Inspired Prosthetic Hand for Little Girl

You gotta hand it to them.

Ariah is a 6-year-old who was born without most of her right hand. When the robotics program in Deer Creek Intermediate School in St. Francis, Wisconsin learned about this, they decided that they would do something to help her out.

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Robert Downey Jr./Iron Man Gives a Boy a Prosthetic Iron Man Arm; They’re Dapper as Heck Together

Minus the repulsor.

Bowties are cool. Microsoft's Collective Project is another 3D printed prosthetic project that helps make prosthetic limbs more financially practical and infinitely cooler like others we've covered in the past. You can read more about it on Microsoft's blog.

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BFD Alert: Quadriplegic Woman Flies an F-35 Flight Simulator Using Only Her Mind

Man, 2015 sure is a bust! Where are our flying cars and instant pizzas and self-effacing robotic butlers, right? WRONG! The future is here and it's ridiculously awesome (albeit more than a little disconcerting).

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Things We Saw Today: Vintage Sigourney Weaver Testing Her Alien Flamethrower

Come on, cat. Let's f*** shit up.


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Seven-Year-Old Gets a 3D Printed Prosthetic Stormtrooper Arm From the 501st Legion and e-NABLE

*Sniff* What? There's just something in my eye, OK?

Prosthetic limbs are usually too expensive to be practical for most children (one in 1,500) born with partially formed arms. 3D printing has the capacity to not only lower the cost significantly and put prosthetics in reach for people in need, but also raise kids' spirits with some really personalized designs like this stormtrooper arm from the 501st legion.

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Today In Adorable: Here’s a 3D-Printed Iron Man Prosthetic For Underprivileged Children

Jarvis, reroute all power to the FEELINGS.

One of the awesome things about 3D printing is that it makes manufacturing prosthetics much, much simpler to do. If you have the right design, all you need is the money for raw materials and access to a printer. The only problem is that 3D designed arms don't exactly come out looking particularly unobtrusive or real like the expensive models can—but who needs reality when you can be Iron Man?

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Things We Saw Today: Synthetic Leather Star-Lord Jackets For All!

Finally, I can look like an A-hole!

This is not a drill: New American Jackets make synthetic leather Peter Quill coats designed to fit Star-Lords of all genders.

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Arizona Man 3D-Printed a New Prosthetic Hand for Under $100, See It in Action

Cool, but how much for a Mega Man Buster Gun?

Earlier this year we covered "The Cyborg Beast," an open-source 3D-printable prosthetic hand that costs about $50. It looks like an Arizona man has taken the design (or something similar) and adapted it for his friend who lost three fingers in an accident.

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An Amputee Turtle Was Given New Life With The Addition Of Jet Wings From An F-22

If the Strike Witches had a pet turtle, it would be this guy.

Usually if you’re a turtle and you lose a vitally-important flipper, it’s all downhill from there. Lucky for Hofesh, a sea turtle amputee, the kind folks at Isreal’s Sea Turtle Rescue Center have developed a solution for special-needs turtles – one they developed from a fighter jet. Hofesh was tragically caught in a fishing net […]

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You Can Print a Prosthetic Hand for $50 That’s Better Than One That Costs $42,000

For when you want to feel less like A MONSTEEEEEER!

Being born without a left hand really sucks. Jose Delgado Jr, however, is pretty used to it at this stage in his life, and has decent enough insurance that he didn't need to pay the full $42,000 sticker price for his prosthetic device. But as it turns out, he actually prefers a much cheaper prosthesis that you can make yourself with very minimal effort.

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Highlights from Yesterday’s Reddit AMA of The Woman With The Bionic Arm

Science is the actual coolest, can we all agree on that?

Angel is a 24 year old woman who was born without a left arm and who now owns a series of real badass prosthetics. After a picture of her carrying a bow and arrow with her bionic arm started making the rounds on Tumblr, she offered to tell us all more about how far medical technology has come in her experience.

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Buttercup, the Duck With a 3D-Printed Foot, Can Walk Normally For the First Time Ever

No, I'm not crying, I've just got something in my eye...OK, fine, I'm crying a little.

Buttercup the duck was born with a deformed foot that he hobbled around on for most of his ducky life, causing him a lot of pain and setting up the possibility of serious infections down the line. This is basically the saddest thing ever, so the Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary in Tennessee decided to team up with NovaCopy Inc. to provide him with a new 3D-printed prosthetic foot. Buttercup's foot has been in the works for some time and gotten a lot of attention from the media, but it wasn't until last night that the completed foot was finally fitted onto his leg and he was able to work normally for the first time. Even better, there's video of his very first steps and yes, it's as adorable as it sounds.

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