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Hollywood’s Insistence on Making Max Landis “A Thing” Is a Symptom of Its Endemic Sexism

If we're to believe exclusively what we're told, Max Landis is a big deal. And we're repeatedly told he's a big deal for reasons having nothing to do with his famous father and everything to do with the fact that...he gets paid a lot of money for scripts that end up not being successful?

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The Latino Hero You Created Just Had to Have a Drug Cartel Past? You’re Killing Me, The Gifted.

I've been really excited for The Gifted, which premieres next week. I'm not even a huge X-Men fan, and yet every trailer has intrigued me. I'm digging the family approach, the fact that it's about parents protecting their children with newly-discovered mutant abilities from a world hostile against mutants. Yet there's one element (created specifically for the show, so there's no source material to blame) that dulls the luster of my excitement.

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DirecTV Humors Racists With Refunds After NFL “Take a Knee” Protests

It's always so amusing to me that the people who are usually the first to complain that others are too "easily offended" by things like, you know, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobialittle things like that—are the first to kick, scream, and attempt to curtail the freedom of others over things that don't actually affect anyone's actual life.

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I Miss Not Knowing What Chris Pratt Thinks About Things

Chris Pratt says blue collar Americans aren't represented in Hollywood. We have a few examples to jog his memory.

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Laverne Cox Responded to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Argument That Trans Women Aren’t Women

The "trans women have experienced male privilege and are thus not women" argument is tired, but persistent—and seemingly immortal.

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The Mary Sue’s Slack Chat (Or: A Day With a Bunch of Women Talking)

One of the best things about days that are set aside to mark certain people or ideas, like today being International Women's Day and a #DayWithoutAWoman, is the fact that they are the catalyst for important conversations. That's especially true when you take the opinionated, feminist women of The Mary Sue and put them all on Slack.

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This Susan Sarandon Interview Is the Best White Privilege PSA on the Internet

Before the election, Sarandon said the silver lining of a Trump presidency would be that it would "bring the revolution immediately." Even now, she stands by those claims, which is a great benefit of living in a very tiny, very privileged bubble.

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This GOP Rep Sexually Assaulted an Employee & Truly Doesn’t Get Why We’re All So Upset Over His “Playful Gesture”

When the now-President-elect brags about sexual assault, it is powerful, tacit permission for anyone and everyone else to do the same. And if you didn't believe that was true before, here's a disturbing new example of Trump culture, from another politician flaunting his presumed privilege.

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I’m a White-Passing Latina, and This Is Why I Wear the #SafetyPin

Because of both my white privilege and Latina identity, I am within and without.

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The Trauma of Trump: How Oppression Hurts Our Bodies—and How Allies Can Help

It’s imperative that we understand the election results as an assault, not only on our social progress, but on the survival and wellness of our bodies.

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Orange Is the New Black Season Four and Intersectional Social Justice, Part One [SPOILERS]

The System vs. The Inmates

Season 4 of Netflix's Orange is the New Black is its most substantive yet, which also makes it the most emotionally draining season of the show. It hits real-world issues hard, and as we see the effects of the prison industrial complex on both the prisoners and the guards on the show, we can see how important it is for social justice work to be intersectional.

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Zootopia Review: Brilliant, Insightful, Poignant Fable About Bigotry That You Must See

"Sly bunny. Dumb fox." Great movie.

Isn’t it wonderful when a movie lives up to hype? Zootopia … what can I even say? It’s a triumph in animated filmmaking on every level, combining cutting edge animation, detailed world building, likeable yet deeply flawed characters, spot-on voice casting, and allegorical animals to tell a story that reflects an ugly side of our own world right back at us … while still being engaging and funny. It’s effectively a 21st century Beatrix Potter-style call for intersectionality, and it is a marvel.

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Newly-Appointed ACLU Ambassador Sasheer Zamata Explains Privilege to a Clueless White Dude

Saturday Night Live's Sasheer Zamata is now an Ambassador for the ACLU, and she's created a video to remind well-intentioned allies that the fight for women's rights is far from over.

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How Geek Culture Taught Me About My Privilege: Why Was I so Readily Accepted When Women Aren’t?

I have a confession to make: I used to be a "jock." Why was I able to integrate myself into geek culture at a later than typical point in my life without really a second thought, when lifelong female members of the community are still doubted and questioned?

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Effie Brown, Peter Farrelly, and How We Talk About Women in Power

Women, no matter their industry, are often told that they're "overreacting" when they bring up a concern. Get ready for another awesome moment of privilege brought to you by the folks at Project Greenlight, and several of the media outlets covering this week's episode.

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Matt Damon Makes Clueless Comments About Being Openly Gay in Hollywood; Should Really Stop Talking

Perhaps Matt Damon should take his own advice and just stop talking, because it seems like the more we get to know him, the more ignorant he seems, despite his Harvard education.

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Zoë Kravitz Talks Making Art, Internalized Racism and The Dark Knight Rises Not “Going Urban”

Mad Max: Fury Road's Zoë Kravitz is one of the most intriguing and talented stars out there right now, kicking ass on film and in the music industry as she fronts her band, Lolawolf. In an awesome interview in the August issue of Nylon Magazine, Kravitz talks about growing up the mixed-race child of famous parents and what it means to her to be a woman of color in the entertainment industry.

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