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Feminist Frequency’s The FREQ Show Goes Back-to-Basics With a Primer on Privilege


Topics like feminism, inclusion, and intersectionality have never been more mainstream. It’s probably because of this that they’ve never been more misunderstood. Thankfully, Feminist Frequency’s digital series The FREQ Show is back to break those things down.

In the episode released today, Feminist Frequency takes on the simple (but not easy) topic of “privilege.” Host Anita Sarkeesian, along with writer/co-hosts Ebony Adams and Carolyn Petit use the metaphor of video games to explain the concept of privilege, white or otherwise. They also explain that discussing privilege is not about guilt or punishment. It’s simply about becoming aware of its existence so that we can do something to change the systems under which we live.

I really appreciated the time they spent on the issue of class, as that’s something that often gets left out of the Privilege discussion, which is surprising when you consider that rich people are often described as being “privileged.”

When you’ve got everyone talking about something, it kinda becomes like a game of “Telephone,” where the message that went in isn’t necessarily the message that comes out. This going-back-to-basics approach that The FREQ Show is taking is super-helpful, because while some of us who are active in social justice spaces might “know this stuff already,” there are plenty of people who don’t with whom we can share videos like this.

And even those of us who “know this stuff” inevitably have blind spots, and always have more to learn. The FREQ Show is here to help us do just that, and according to their YouTube page, “This season…we take you on a guided tour through many of the cultural forces that shape our lives every day, whether we realize it or not.” Sarkeesian mentions that the next episode of the show will be focused on the concept of Intersectionality. I am HERE for it.

What topics do you think warrant their own videos? What “cultural forces” do you think deserve this kind of attention and treatment. Tell us below!

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