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Elizabeth Olsen Calls Out Empire Magazine for Photoshopping Her Beyond Recognition

"Does this look like me?"

Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Wanda/Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, shared a rather pointed Instagram post yesterday. Underneath one of the Empire Magazine covers dedicated to Avengers: Infinity War, she asked simply: "Does this look like me?"

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Holy Crap, Suicide Squad Digitally Slimmed-Down Supermodel Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne's career began in modeling, where she's one of the best-known faces in fashion in the world. This wasn't enough for Suicide Squad, which decided to digitally alter her body to make her appear thinner.

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A Reminder to Media Outlets to Value Your Photo Editors, Courtesy of Jar Jar Binks


With massive layoffs hitting photographers, photo editors, and other visual media-based professions across the industry over the last few years (and beyond), it's not exactly surprising that we've seen a recent uptick in glaring front-page mistakes.

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The New Ideal: Glamour Goes Without Photoshop In New Issue Staffed Entirely By Women

In what so many of us wish weren't a rarity, the February issue of Glamour is going Photoshop-free.

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Things We Saw Today: A Cozy BB-8 Models the Cutest Knitwear


If you aren't following @BB8 on Twitter, what the hell are you even doing with your life?

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Designers From Different Countries Photoshop the Same Model; Beauty Is Still Subjective, Apparently

It's a small world after all.

Women graphic designers around the world got asked to photoshop a model to make her "more attractive," not realizing their results would be used as part of a project by a UK pharmacy chain called Superdrug. Although the sample size is small, given that Superdrug only approached one designer from 18 different countries, the results show a lot of variation in what "more attractive" might mean.

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Princess Benedict Sparklefists and More: The Mary Sue’s Favorite Photoshops of 2014

Whoops, our hands slipped.

Here at The Mary Sue, we try to report on all the news that's fit to geek out about in comics, gaming, pop culture, science, and more. But c'mooon. Let's not kid ourselves here. You all tune in because you want to see our ridiculous photoshop skills, right? Screw having nuanced, critically-minded opinions when we can just throw a picture of '90s Dwayne Johnson wherever we want and call it a day, right? Yeah, you get us.

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Disney Isn’t Helping Their Princess Issues With This Likely Photoshopped Cinderella Image

Have courage & be bind(ed).

Ok, we know corsets can do some wild things to the human body but we're 99.9% sure this image of Lily James from the upcoming Cinderella film is photoshopped. Right?

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“It Doesn’t Matter What Shape You Are”: Keira Knightley Poses Topless To Protest Photoshopping

Preach it, girl.

Keira Knightley is done with Photoshop, and she wants the rest of the world to get on board.

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What Other Anachronistic Items Were Left In That Downton Abbey Promo Pic?


It's been a really tough week in general, so I think I speak for all of us when I say we needed something like this Downton Abbey promo pic to come along. Look at it. Look hard. See something that shouldn't be there, considering Downton is set in the 1920s? Yeah. The person who was supposed to take that water bottle off the mantle just made everyone's week a whole lot more fun.

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Batman Hearts Superman, And Other Hilarious Memes Of Yesterday’s Batman v Superman Image

"I want you to remember the man who looooooooves you."

No one quite knows why Superman looks so glum in the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser photo that was released yesterday. Still shaken up over the whole Zod thing from Man of Steel? Just saw The Iron Giant and feeel personally responsible? Who knows, but his misery (as well as Batman's misery, of course) is our amusement in this gallery.

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Esther Honig’s “Before and After” Series Shows Both the Dangers of Impossible Beauty Standards And Bad Photoshop

You wanted your eyes to be angling the wrong way, right?

Seeking to explore different national expectations of beauty, journalist Ester Honig asked 40 graphic designers from around the world to "make her beautiful." A cool idea, especially when you note that all of these designers were of widely different skill levels and were only paid $5 to $30 for their work, so some of that work is... not what you'd expect. It raises the question: how much of what we complain about when we look at magazines is because someone is not so great at their job

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Men Who Take Up Too Much Room on Subway Explained… With Cats!

Elsewhere on the internet

Men Taking Up Too Much Space on the Train is a blog dedicated to showcasing how easy it is for the masses to obtain pictures of men spreading themselves across two seats on a train, when they could easily take up one. It's framed, as much as any single serving Tumblog can frame an issue, as a demonstration of one of the myriad small ways in which the societal urgings -- that encourage women to be slight and small and above all not impose on others and that encourage men to assert their presence and claim their space -- manifest even in the smallest of ways. Saving Room For Cats posits that it's not the result of subtle societal messages at all: it's because all those guys are saving room for enormous photoshopped cats. And sometimes those cats are saving room for other cats.

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That Time Granola Bars, Anime, and Twitter Came Together to Make Beautiful Photoshop

Elsewhere on the internet

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Unsurprisingly, Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles Look Better Without Real Noses

Oh good, I can feel my childhood-induced trauma waning.

After seeing these photoshopped images that removed those terrifying noses from the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters, we have to wonder: what is it about the snouts that make the turtles so much more appealing?

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Photoshop Makes the Other Version of Winter Soldier We’d Love To See

"Natasha! What - what's going on?" "Steve, we explained this. It's laser tag."

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West Des Moines Police Department Shows Off Killer Photoshop Skills to Warn You Not to Drink and Drive

We hope their sketch artist is better than this.

Don't drink and drive or you might turn into a weird sad looking stick person and go to jail. At least that's the message we're taking away from this image posted to the West Des Moines police department's Facebook page yesterday as a warning to St. Patrick's Day drinkers. Seriously though, don't drink and drive.

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Superheroes Are Super Fine (Art) In This Photoshop Challenge


Worth1000 knows the way to our hearts: By mixing sci-fi and classical paintings. Last month we showed you the results of their Star Wars Photoshop challenge, where artists took characters from a galaxy far, far away and inserted them into works of fine art. They’ve run several challenges in the same vein, but with superheroes. Yes, there is a lot of Wonder Woman. Some of our favorites are behind the jump. (via: Geeks Are Sexy)

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Wil Wheaton’s Fans Photoshop Him Into, Well, Everything

what is this I don't even

I don't know how fans photoshopping actor/writer Wil Wheaton's face into other pop-culture properties became such a big thing. But it has. And I'm glad. As far as I can tell, it all started when Wheaton tweeted a photo of himself on a green screen and one of his followers, a graphic designer, quickly photoshopped him onto the bridge of the Enterprise. So he posted another green screen photo and things just evolved (devolved?) from there.

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Movie Theater Uses Photoshop Instead of Real Thor 2 Poster Because the World Is a Magical Place

What we wouldn't give for a copy of that poster.

Imagine it: you are going to see Thor 2: The Dark World at the Shanghai Bona Insun International Cineplex. No doubt you're probably excited to watch all your favorite Norse gods battle it out a second time. And then you turn the corner and see -- this. Could it get any better? No, it can't.

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