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Things We Saw Today: Bruce Campbell, Demon Slayer, Anti-Hero, Weatherman

You know what? Not surprised about this video. Not one bit.

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Things We Saw Today: Damn Fine Concept Art

The coffee is not what it seems.

“Shooting starts in September. The donut truck is loaded late August. A coffee cup will indeed come through a window."

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Destiny Is Retconning Peter Dinklage’s Notorious Voice Acting Performance

Got voiceover troubles? Hire Nolan North, I guess.

Peter Dinklage's notorious voiceover work as Ghost, the little robot that guides the protagonist of Destiny, has been mocked so much that the game's development team has decided to recast him retroactively. Nolan North, who has voiced so many characters over the course of his career that it's a wonder his larynx hasn't gone on strike, has been tapped to voice the robot in Dinklage's stead.

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Fiskal Responsibility: How a Supervillain Did Right by Autistic Characters

Being part of a marginalized group and looking for representation in pop culture can be both entertaining and incredibly frustrating. Because there are so few explicit examples, there’s lots of fun to be had devising headcanons--that is, one’s own interpretation of content never made explicit in the text—but as much fun as that can be, it can be disheartening thinking about all your favorite (in my case) autistic characters and then realizing 90% of them were never confirmed as such.

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The First Pixels Trailer is Here, Make of That What You Will

Wreck-It Ralph meets Grown Ups. Yay?

I give it 3 Dinklage mullets out of 5. How are you guys feeling about our first real look at Pixels?

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The Gang’s All Here! Game of Thrones Takes Over Entertainment Weekly

Arya excited yet?

Oddly enough, I'm getting definite Crimson Peak vibes from Arya's cover. Can Maisie Williams' next feature film involve gothic horror, please?

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New Game of Thrones Season 4 Blooper Reel has 100% More Ser Pounce

All hail Gwendoline Christie's infectious laugh.

In addition to the Season 4 blooper reel fans got to see last summer at SDCC, attendees at an exhibition in London were recently treated to some more goofball antics from Game of Thrones' cast. Oberyn falling down the stairs. I just can't.

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Rumor: Paul Feig Wants To Cast Peter Dinklage, Cecily Strong In Ghostbusters Reboot

Very close to writing "boomor," friends. Look upon my restraint and despair.

Sure, this is the second Ghostbusters story we've covered today. But I ain't afraid of no saturating the market.

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Meet a New Westeros Family in the Full-Length Trailer For Telltale’s Game of Thrones

I will take what is mine with Mountain Dew & Doritos.

Since we first heard Telltale was going to extend George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire universe even further into video games, I've been dying to get my hands on a Bolton. I mean, a video game controller. Then a Bolton. Will I get my chance? Find out in the new trailer for Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series.

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Angry Birds Movie Casts All The Funny People, One Lannister

Everything is awesome angry!

I would watch the live-action Tetris movie if it landed a cast like this. Heck, I would even watch Ouija.

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This Abridged Plot Synopsis For Destiny Is Way Better Than The Actual Story

The Fallen and The Hive found The Awoken and are Chosen by The Traveler and oh screw it.

If you've played more than one minute of Destiny, or been on the internet at all in the past two weeks, you may have noticed people complaining about the story. That's because Destiny's story is garbage_and it isn't helped by Peter Dinklage's, um, less-than-Emmy-worthy voice acting. This video is a short, spoiler-free synopsis of the "plot," and it would be funnier if it weren't so painfully accurate. Dinklebot! Robodinkle!

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenges From Westeros, Middle Earth, & a Galaxy Far, Far, Away

The ice is just piling up! So many people have taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that even fictional characters are starting to get in on the charity fun. Here's Batgirl but we've also collected Archie, Grumpy Cat, Peter Dinklage, Harrison Ford and more.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2014: While You Were Sleeping, Part 1

Dany looks different...

What went down on day one of Comic-Con? George RR Martin getting his Daenerys Targaryen on! Benedict Cumberbatch trolling the assembled masses about Doctor Strange! Tatiana Maslany as Shaun (of the Dead)! And mulleted Peter Dinklage welcoming us to the electric dreams factory, suckers.

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Here’s Your First Look at Peter Dinklage’s Sweet Mullet In Pixels

Is... is that a sassy Dinklage mullet?

Entertainment Weekly just released this first look at the upcoming movie Pixels where a team of gamers battle classic video game characters. According to director Christ Columbus, in this shot they're on their way to battle Pac-Man, but more importantly - Look at Dinklage's sassy mullet!

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Oh, Good: Peter Dinklage’s Destiny Voice Acting Will Be “Updated”

But will there still be moon wizards?

Many people who had the opportunity to check out the Destiny alpha were disappointed (maybe even grumpy -- eh? Ehhhhh?) to find that Game of Thrones' Peter Dinklage sort of sounded like he was phoning it in during his performance as one of the game's robotic "ghosts." Well, good news! A Lannister always rerecords his lines. That's how that saying goes, right?

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Things We Saw Today: Tiny Captain Marvel Cosplay

Parenting done right.

Photographer Yaro Jane dressed her daughter up as Captain Marvel, and the resulting photos have been approved by both Kelly Sue DeConnick and Gail Simone. Killer.

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Things We Saw Today: Teenage Mullet Peter Dinklage

Things We Saw Today

Redditor cameroncrazy85 found this bemullet'ed picture of Peter Dinklage from the actor's 1987 high school yearbook. Now I'm imagining Tywin—no, not Tyrion, Tywin—Lannister with that haircut. Someone stop me. Or Photoshop it. Either way. (The Wrap)

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Peter Dinklage Explains Game of Thrones in Under 45 Seconds

He left out the dragons, but we'll forgive him.

Haven't watched Game of Thrones yet? That's okay, at least its not you job to interview Peter Dinklage for MTV News. Of course, we're pretty sure the whole "I've never seen the show fill me in!" is all a ruse to get Dinklage to describe the complicated series in less than a minute, but he pulls it off with an Eddie Izzard-eqsue flair.

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Peter Dinklage Summarizes Game of Thrones In Under A Minute [Video]

Hear Me Roar

Two years ago, I was staying in a hotel with my mom on the same day that the Game of Thrones episode "Blackwater" aired. My mom wasn't familiar with the show, so she picked up a book as I started watching. The book got set down pretty quickly. After the credits rolled, she asked me to explain the backstory. That being everything leading up to the Battle of the Blackwater. And so I did, over the course of an hour or so, with the help of a few hastily sketched diagrams on hotel stationery. But silly me! As Peter Dinklage demonstrates in this video, you can sum up Game of Thrones in less time than it takes Podrick to gain control of his horse. (And don't give the interviewer too hard of a time for never having seen the show. This was part of an X-Men: Days of Future Past press junket.) (via Pajiba)

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X-Men: Days of Future Past – I’m Not Sure I Want Your Future


The follow-up to Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class had a lot weighing on its shoulders. Not just as a Hollywood blockbuster, but with fans of the Chris Claremont storyline from The Uncanny X-Men comics and subsequent animated television series adaptation. It also had to live up to the "new" mutant universe created for the 60s-era film while paving the way for continuing success with subsequent films in the Fox franchise. While Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past may have great success at the box office (like most superhero films these days), fans may have a few things to say to the director when all is said and done.

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