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Destiny Is Retconning Peter Dinklage’s Notorious Voice Acting Performance

Got voiceover troubles? Hire Nolan North, I guess.


Peter Dinklage’s notorious voiceover work as Ghost, the little robot that guides the protagonist of Destiny, has been mocked so much that the game’s development team has decided to recast him retroactively. Nolan North, who has voiced so many characters over the course of his career that it’s a wonder his larynx hasn’t gone on strike, has been tapped to voice the robot in Dinklage’s stead.

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North won’t just be voicing Ghost for future Destiny DLC — he’ll also be going back to redo all of Dinklage’s old lines. The ones we’ve already heard and mocked a million times. Presumably then the Destiny developers will also use their time-turners to go back and re-release this game, thereby avoiding everyone making fun of Dinklage’s delivery of “that wizard came from the moon.” Who knew they were this sensitive about it?

Personally, I felt like Dinklage’s voiceover work had attained a sort of cult status due to its deadpan silliness. Bungie even released a T-shirt emblazoned with that classic “wizard” line. Retroactively putting Nolan North in the role feels like an odd move to me. What do you think?

(via Kotaku, image via Tumblr)

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