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Things We Saw Today: The Internet’s Convinced There’s A “Fake Melania” Trump Standing in for the First Lady

File this one under Wednesday weird. The #1 trending topic on Twitter is currently "Melania" after a video and comparison photo shots convinced wide swaths of the Internet that Trump had employed a Melania doppelganger. The conspiracy fast became a meme, and the rest is history.

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Things We Saw Today: Lupita Nyongo’s SECOND Undercover Cosplay Day at Comic-Con!

Lupita Nyong'o already charmed the entire internet with her Pink Ranger disguise at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con, and now it turns out that she also dressed up as Kylo Ren!

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Is My Beloved Peggy Carter Coming Back for Avengers: Infinity War?

This is the best idea in the history of time.

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Agent Carter and Captain Marvel Purses Are the Fashionable Fandom Accessory I’ve Always Wanted

Help me choose between them, because I can't.

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Hayley Atwell Thinks Agent Carter Wouldn’t Approve of Captain America’s New Love Interest

Spoilers for Captain America: Civil War will follow in this post, so if you don't want to hear Hayley Atwell's thoughts on one of the developments in the film, read no further!

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Goodbye, Agent Carter. We Know Your Value.

Is it just me, or did it feel like Agent Carter was doomed from the very beginning? Especially in season two, when the show started to make some weird missteps with Peggy's story arcs.

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Peggy Punches Out Her Frustrations in New Agent Carter Clip

We've got a first look at the third episode of season two of Agent Carter, "Better Angels", which shows Mr. Jarvis offering to be Peggy's sparring partner as she works out her frustrations of the day--before he realizes that may not be such a good idea. (I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of those punches, would you?)

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Meet Bernard Stark in New Agent Carter Clip, Plus More Peggy & Jarvis

He seems just tickled pink to be there.

Watching this new clip wherein Peggy's fresh off the plane in a weird, wacky world (read: Hollywood) reuniting with Jarvis is just like a, well, reunion.

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Agent Carter Season 2 Promo Features Butt-Kicking Romantic Tension

I want more butt-kicking romantic tension in my life.

This new TV spot from the fine, fine folks over at Marvel keeps the hype at max. It's quick, but it packs one hell of a punch--just like our favorite secret agent.

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Watch Peggy Do Some Swashbuckling in This Agent Carter Season Two Promo

Agent Carter's second season premiere won't air until mid-January, so we'll have to settle for these TV spots with brief glimpses at what's to come.

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Thanks, Obama: Agent Carter Season 2 Delayed

It's just typical Yankee nonsense, Peggy.

Originally set to debut on Tuesday, January 5th, Agent Carter Season 2 has been delayed two weeks.

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Agent Carter Just Added to LEGO Avengers Lineup

If, in your LEGO video game adventures, you ever felt the need to play a scrappy, badass female British agent, then you have some very specific needs, my friend.

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Agent Carter’s Appearance in the S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary Special #1

Thanks to Peggy Carter's newfound popularity on screens big and small, we'll get to see more of her back-story on the comic book page, too, courtesy of writer Kathryn Immonen and artist Rich Ellis. Agent Carter will appear in the S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary series.

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Wait, Peggy Carter for President? We Vote So Much Yes!

What will Hillary think?

We need it (the shirt and the campaign) like yesterday.

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Brace Yourself: Hayley Atwell Wants an Agent Carter Musical Number!

She knows her worth ... on the dance floor.

If Hayley Atwell has her way, Peggy will do a "bit of a sing and a dance" this year.

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Agent Carter Showrunners Talk Season 2: Romance, Noir, and Conspiracies

Agent Carter showrunners Tara Butters, Michele Fazekas, and Chris Dingess have leaked a handful of clues about upcoming plot developments in the show's second season. The interview at Comic Book Resources gives very little away, but I intend to speculate wildly regardless.

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Hayley Atwell Confirms Dominic Cooper Returning for Season 2 of Agent Carter, Talks Shipping Peggy/Angie

Frnds frvr.

International treasure Hayley Atwell continues to be a font of delightful information.

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The Very Best Fictional Fashion: Things I Want to Wear for Real

For me, fashion has never meant, "What is currently in style." Fashion meant and continues to mean, "Things I think are cool and want to wear." I'd be lying if I said that that is never influenced by current trends, because it is, but the me who wanted to dress like the girls in my books is still in there, wanting to dress like the women in my books, TV, movies, and other media.

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Let ABC See Your Agent Carter Love With USA Today’s “Save Our Shows” Campaign

You, me and Hayley Atwell all know that we need to see a lot more of Peggy Carter on both the big and small screen, but Agent Carter's future is still in doubt at ABC, with USA Today describing the series as one of 21 shows "on the bubble" between renewal and cancellation.

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Hayley Atwell Talks Agent Carter Future, Definitely “100%” Interested In Peggy Carter Movie

First we need that renewal, ABC.

Agent Carter may never get a second season, but damn if we're giving up hope yet. We will sit here pining until the day our hopes are dashed and will pout on for a long time after if that dashing comes to fruition. And regardless, we're always going to want to hear what Hayley Atwell has to say about Peggy Carter and her life.

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