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Marvel Has Heard Our Prayers, Is Making More Peggy Carter One-Shots

Good News Everyone!

Thank you, Marvel. Just… thank you.

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When Iron Man 3 comes out on DVD/Blu-ray later this month fans will have the chance to watch Marvel’s latest one-shot, Agent Carter, in which Captain America‘s Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) beats up a few baddies and shows a few sexist jerks what’s what. The short, which leaked online earlier this month and was promptly taken down, leaves its heroine in prime position for even more adventures down the line. And whaddaya know, Marvel Studios Co-President Louis D’Esposito totally wants to show them to us:

“What we’ve discussed is that there are going to be more Peggy Carter stories that we need to tell. She is wildly popular. Hayley loves it, and we love it. What we’ll do and how we’ll do it has not been determined yet, but those discussions have started. It’s in our consciousness that we need to tell another Peggy Carter story, somehow. Yet to be figured out yet, though.”

Barring the existence of a flashback scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier we won’t get to see Carter kicking butt and taking names any time soon, as Marvel has other one-shots waiting in the wings to me made. Ugh, fine. If they give us something as awesome as Agent Coulson taking down a would-be robber with a bag of flour, I can’t complain that those shorts will be taking up valuable eyeball space that might otherwise belong to Agent Carter dismantling the patriarchy one mid-century misogynist at a time.

As long as I know she’ll be back eventually.

(via: MTV)

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