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OnLive Owed Local Bakery $2,000, Probably Explains Why They Ran Out of Cash

Cloud-based video game streaming company OnLive has had a rough year. The company underwent an insolvency process in August, laying off all their staff, only to come back with the same name under new leadership. This maneuver left OnLive's creditors in a pickle. Some of the bigger lenders are certainly going to get their due, but the smaller folks might not ever see that money. For example, the $2,000 the company owed to Prolific Oven Bakery may never be paid in full. The Credit For Cupcakes initiative apparently didn't turn out so well.

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Cable Giants Supposedly Working on Streaming Games, Destined to Fail if True

There's something almost reasonable about the idea that the large cable companies, like Verizon and Time Warner, are looking to get a slice of console gaming pie. After all, those rigs need a television, right? Seems only natural for cable to try to expand into the market. Unfortunately, the technology required to stream games to a television, bypassing a console, just isn't there to support them yet, especially with Gaikai and OnLive being either owned in whole by Sony or requiring a box of its own. In short, it's going to be a long time before this ever happens in any meaningful way.

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Microsoft Wants to Hire the Laid-Off Staff of OnLive

Apparently OnLive's loss is Microsoft's gain. The makers of the Xbox have been courting the employees laid-off by the cloud-based gaming service during their recent buyout fiasco, hosting at least one "OnLive Mixer" in Mountain View, California -- very close to OnLive's Palo Alto headquarters. Looks like someone might be staffing up for their own cloud-based gaming service.

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OnLive Bought by Mysterious New Company, Hopefully Using Powers for Good

Yesterday was just a giant roller coaster ride for for video game streaming service OnLive. After rumors that the company would be shutting its doors for good, a company statement revealed that it's been bought out by an unknown company. Details remain scarce, but the entire situation is interesting.

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OUYA Kickstarter Finishes at $8.59 Million, Now We Wait

The Kickstarter for the Android-powered console OUYA has finally come to a close. With announcements like partnerships with VEVO and OnLive, the box folks might have once thought would fail seems to be doing pretty well for itself. When the curtain closed, the OUYA raked in a grand total of $8,596,475 when their original goal had been a measly $950,000. That's a lot more money than they expected, so things will hopefully go smoothly now, but it's important to note that they haven't brought the console to market yet. A lot can happen between now and then.

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Ouya: The $99 Android-Based Gaming Console That’s Woman-Led And Totally Awesome

million dollar lady

I apologize, dear readers -- we've been utterly remiss in reporting about Ouya, the Kickstarter sensation that aims to pack an open, Android-based game platform and development kit into a teensy console, effectively bringing the best parts about hackable indie gaming to the television. In only eight hours, Ouya raised $1 million, surpassing its original goal of crowdfunding $950,000 in 30 days. With just 35 hours remaining on their Kickstarter, Ouya has raised $7,163,016, from a total of 53,891 people interested in the project. Oh, and the icing of top of this so-far successful gaming project cake? The entire project is led by gaming industry veteran Julie Uhrman. Hit the jump to find out more about this woman-led, revolutionary console!

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OUYA Reveals Its Controller, Partnership with OnLive

Remember the OUYA? The little game console that exceeded its Kickstarter goal on the first day saw a few big announcements today. First, game-streaming service OnLive will be featured on the OUYA. On top of that big news, the console's controller was revealed. Make the jump to learn more!

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GameStop Employees Instructed to Remove OnLive Coupons From Deus Ex Packages

As you may know, Deus Ex: Human Revolution was released yesterday. If you buy a retail copy, it comes with a coupon that entitles you to play the game for free on the streaming service OnLive. That is, of course, unless you buy your retail copy from GameStop, whose employees were ordered to remove the coupon from the box and throw it away, in a memo from Field Operations Manager Josh Ivanoff.

It likely has to do with the fact that OnLive is a serious threat to GameStop. For the unfamiliar, OnLive is a game streaming service where games are actually played and processed on remote machines and then streamed, in real time, to the user. This negates the need for expensive, powerful hardware on the user's end and just requires a good Internet connection. It's a cloud gaming platform with a digital distribution system. In summary, the online, streaming, digital-friendly OnLive is everything GameStop is not, and it looks like GameStop is incredibly afraid that you might figure that out.

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