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Unconscious Bias Kills: Black Women Are 3 Times As Likely as White Women to Die in Pregnancy and Childbirth

ProPublica and NPR recently published a damning look at the American healthcare system, writing that "black mothers in the U.S. die at three to four times the rate of white mothers, one of the widest of all racial disparities in women’s health."

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Things We Saw Today: Uh Oh, Some Bad News About Santa Claus

I've got some good news/bad news about Santa Claus. The good news: he's real! The bad news: he's dead. Sorry, everybody.

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Things We Didn’t See Today: The Apparently Amazing Avengers: Infinity War Footage

At the D23 Expo, Marvel Studios shared some footage of Thanos battling the Avengers from Avengers: Infinity War - and it was apparently awesome.

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Another Mother’s Day, Another Year of Horrible Maternal Care in America

Politicians may hollowly celebrate their wives and mothers today, but their hypocrisy has never been clearer: the United States still has no mandated parental leave and the worst rate of maternal deaths in the developed world.

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5 Podcasts You Need to Listen to Right Now

Here are 5 podcasts providing important, in depth, and sometimes even hilarious stories.

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Trump Budget Would Eliminate Funding for AmeriCorps, NPR, PBS, and the Arts

The New York Times obtained an internal memo from Trump's Office of Management and Budget, which proposes eliminating Americorps, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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Stephen King Shares “Intense” Batman and Robin Story on NPR’s Selected Shorts Podcast

The newly-established Selected Shorts podcast is where all the Selected Shorts stories with curse words, sexual situations, and descriptions of violence can find a home away from the FCC regulations that . In Episode 2, Stephen King delivers an "intense story about family, love, and dying" called “Batman and Robin Have an Altercation."

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Interview: Kat Chow and Shereen Marisol Meraji of NPR’s Code Switch

I got to speak to Kat Chow and Shereen Marisol Meraji of Code Switch about how they put together their podcast, what goes on behind the scenes, and how Code Switch approaches stories in a new and fresh way.

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A New Kind of Vigilante Justice: Serial, The Jinx, and Making A Murderer

Before the series even begins an idea is planted: was Steven Avery framed and "made" a murderer by the same people meant to protect us?

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The LEGO Movie Guys Are Making a Serial TV Show?

The incredibly busy duo of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have optioned the rights to Serial and will be developing a series with Fox 21 Television Studios

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The Anti-Climactic Answer To “What’s It Like To Get Your Period In Outer Space”

Menstruation has historically been used as an excuse to keep folks with ovaries out of astronaut suits, in spite of the fact that getting a period in space is no different than getting it on Earth. But that didn't stop decades of scientists from speculating about what might go wrong if anyone ever dared to test that out.

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NPR’s #RaceOnTech Shares Stories from Diverse STEM Innovators

Because our coverage of STEM careers should be as innovative as the field itself.

So a little while back, we posted about NPR's Race On Tech, a storytelling project that sought to tell the stories of diverse innovators from around the country who were doing great work in STEM.

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NPR’s #RaceOnTech Collects Diverse Voices in STEM fields

Share your story!

NPR's All Tech Considered, which calls itself an "exploration of technology and digital culture, on-air and online" recently announced a new series that will share the stories of diverse voices in science and technology.

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Bojack Horseman Creative Team Talk Comedy’s “Male as Default” Problem on NPR

"If we can normalize the idea of women existing, that's the least we can do."

Back in January, a Tumblr post from Bojack Horseman series creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg gained a lot of attention for its discussion of comedy's tendency to automatically use male, white characters as the norm.

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Watch Tina Fey Parody NPR In 1997 Second City Video


Bless Second City's periodic releasing of '90s-era Tina Fey videos. Think a lot about bananas in this one alongside Fey, Rachel Dratch, Jenna Jolovitz, Scott Adsit, Kevin Dorff, and Jim Zulevic.

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Canada Has Developed A Beer Sports Drink

P.S. Water is also still a thing.

If beer as a sports drink seems too good to be true, then get out of here, you naysayer, we don't need your kind. Canadian company Vampt will be marketing "Recovery Ale" Lean Machine later this year, and according to science, that's not as bad an idea as it sounds.

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NPR Is Very Concerned That We Know How Much Pizza Is the Right Amount of Pizza

More like National PIZZA Radio, amirite?

Quoctrung Bui of NPR is deeply concerned that the citizens of America aren't making informed decisions about their size of pizza pie. Inspired by sharing a slice with a pizza-savvy economist, she worked with Grubhub/Seamless to compile a graph to conclusively demonstrate that more pizza is always the best kind of pizza.

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NPR Explains How Cats Predict The Weather

Today we'll have indifference and haughtiness followed by continuous shunning.

NPR exceeded all of our expectations for a National Public anything this week when they uncovered an ancient tome originally commissioned by the US Government that explains how cats predict the weather. Small talk with strangers is about to get a billion times more interesting.

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Watch NPR’s Nina Totenberg Unbox a PS4, Because That’s a Thing That Happened

i'll just leave this here

Imagine that someone made an unboxing video of a hot new console release with their indulgent mom, after explaining to their mom what an unboxing video was in the first place. Now imagine that that mom is National Public Radio's legal affairs correspondent, and has been covering the American Supreme Court since the seventies. So cute, you'll totally let the implication that gamers play because they're in bad relationships slide. Judging by the jokes about ethics at the end of this video, NPR was sent their own PS4 by Sony. I'd just like it known that NPR representatives looking for a way to dispose of the console can always contact us.

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Take a Behind-the-Scenes Look at One of Our Favorite Radio Shows and Podcasts, Bullseye With Jesse Thorn

Remember, every Geekosystem post has a signature subheader.

Bullseye With Jesse Thorn is arguably one of the best radio shows around, and it's an argument we've made a few times on this site. The show and its host Thorn seek to bring listeners the very best in pop culture, and this new video takes a behind-the-scenes look at how and why the show is made. Let's go.

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