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Someone Please Remind Elon Musk SpaceX Receives 10,000 Times More Federal Tax Dollars Than NPR

A view of the National Public Radio (NPR) headquarters

Elon, I think you’re confused.

I think you should really sit down. Have some tea. Maybe spend some time looking at your favorite stupid dog? I know! Maybe you could start randomly banning accounts again? That always makes you feel better. Those libs aren’t gonna own themselves!

Elon I’m worried about you. You’ve been saying some really unhinged shit lately. More unhinged than usual. I mean auto-sending poop emojis to journalists who request comments from you is all par for the course, but now you’re picking fights with NPR? NPR, Elon. Home of Tiny Desk concerts and breezy neoliberal opinions. It’s not going to hurt you Elon. You’re safe. You can sleep easy in your Tesla footie pajamas and dream your dreams of Martian colonies and the thunderous applause you’ll receive at future Dave Chapelle comedy shows.

Elon I hear you have a problem with the fact that NPR receives funding from the government in order to cover some of its operating costs. Such a problem, in fact, that you decided to label NPR as “state-sponsored media” on Twitter alongside Russian and Chinese news outlets. From what I understand, you think that the fact that NPR receives less than 1% of its funding from the U.S. government means that it is on par with publications controlled entirely by the Chinese Communist Party. As you know, NPR didn’t take too kindly to that and flew the coop of your little blue Twitter birdcage. Now you’re calling for NPR to be “defunded“, and you’re even retweeting sassy little parody articles about it.

I understand your frustration, Elon. After all, you’ve never gotten any help from anyone. Certainly not the government. Right?


Because it says right here that your lil’ rocket company SpaceX has $15 billion dollars in government support since. Why, just last year Space X received $2.8 billion dollars How much is that in comparison to the amount that NPR receives?

Let’s do some math, shall we?

Last year NPR made $275,424,738 in revenue with only .1% coming from federal grant money. That’s about $275,424 worth of government moolah. If we divide 2,800,000,000 by 275,424 that leaves us with around 10,166. Meaning that you received over 10,000 times more government money than NPR last year alone.

Look Elon, I get that you want to court social media attention and appeal to the “bootstrap” mentality of your new conservative friends. But if you’re gonna call the kettle black, you really gotta stop being the pot.

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