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IGN Rounds Up Most of the Ready Player One Cameos/Easter Eggs in One Place

IGN collects a good chunk of the Easter Eggs/cameos from what is probably the Holy Grail of nerd reference movies, Ready Player One.

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Things We Saw Today: Black Lightning Lit up the Internet and the Ratings

Black Lightning came to win. Spike Tv says farewell to another show. Will Sister, Sister be the next 90s notalgia reboot?

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Honest Trailers: It—Welcome to The Losers’ Club

Oh, It. The film that made me jump in a movie theatre for the first time in years.

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Stranger Things Honest Trailer Is a Hilarious Bike Ride Through Nostalgia

"The following trailer only spoils season 1 of Stranger Things. The bad men will get us if we spoil season 2 before it's on Blu-ray."

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Nobody Nostalgias Like Gaston: Live Action Beauty and the Beast Trailer Wonderfully Parallels Shots From Original Movie

Disney demonstrates their masterful skills at knowing just how much nostalgia to add to a movie remake.

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Everyone Is Playing With This 80s-Inspired Text Generator, Including Us

What with the ongoing meme wars of 2016 (no, really), it's refreshing to see a new meme that hasn't yet been co-opted by corporations or used for evil... yet. I mean, it's only a matter of time before Arby's or whoever tweets about this, so you better catch the wave while you still can!

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NASA Flight Suits Just Became Trendy, Thanks to Teen Vogue

When high fashion gets out of this world

The interminable blackness of space is sooo hot right now. Well, figuratively.

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This Video of the Last Cassette Tape Factory in the U.S. is a Mesmerizing Nostalgia Trip

National Audio Company, which is located in Springfield Missouri, is the last factory in the United States that still manufactures cassette tapes. You'd think they would be on the constant brink of extinction, since their line of work revolves around a defunct form of audio production, but that's not the case. In fact, as the 2015 was their best sales year ever, and 2016 is already on track to be an even stronger year.

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It’s Official: The Ecto-Cooler Hi-C Flavor Is Coming Back. Thanks, Ghostbusters!

Ever since the initial announcements about the Ghostbusters reboot, fans have speculated that Hi-C would bring back the "Ecto Cooler" flavor of juice, one of the best-loved marketing tie-ins of the 1980s. It's official, as of today: Hi-C is bringing it back!

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Hulu Rocks ’90s Nostalgia by Making Dawson’s Creek and Party of Five Available for Streaming

Also Jerry Maguire and My Best Friend's Wedding for added '90s goodness.

Whether you're old like me, and you totally remember when these shows were on, or you're a millennial for whom the 1990s are "retro," today is a great day! Hulu has just signed a multi-year deal with Sony, which means that 90s hit shows like Dawson's Creek and Party of Five will be available on the streaming service. Bust out your slap bracelets, and get ready to go back to the Creek!

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The Force Awakens: This Star Wars Is MINE


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Remember Those Haunting Animorphs Covers? Here’s How the Illustrator Made Those

These old Animorphs covers represent the graphic design capabilities of the era -- and those spooky effects have made those illustrations memorable to this day. Vice interviewed illustrator David Mattingly, the artist behind these iconic images, about the process he used to create these covers.

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Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Is Making Its Way Back to Television

Yo holmes, to Bel Air!

We'd like you to take a minute, just sit right there, and we'll tell you all about how there's a reboot coming for the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

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Micro Machines Are Back! You Can Totally Get The Millennium Falcon You Always Wanted

I'm skeptical about The Force Awakens, but the corresponding merchandise — in particular, this Micro Machines Millennium Falcon toy — has thrust a rose-tinted pair of nostalgia goggles upon me. Star Wars is back. Micro Machines are back. I have a lot of feelings right now.

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The Saved By The Bell Comic Preview Is Alright, ‘Cause It’s Saved By The Bell

The theme song is now stuck in your head. Forever.

What's that? You want a theme song?

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Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reese Witherspoon, & Selma Blair Reunite at the Cruel Intentions Musical

Eat me, Sebastian!

First of all, I can't believe I hadn't heard about the Cruel Intentions musical until now.

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An Adult Rewatched 1984’s Supergirl Movie and Still Loves the Heck out of It, So There!

"Supergirl is actually a BETTER movie than any of the Donner era Superman films."

With all the news surrounding CBS's leaked pilot, Supergirl is getting a lot of coverage in the geekosphere. Even before the leak, every time I saw a new image, or read another another interview with producers from the upcoming series I felt the need to quit hiding my secret, and come clean. I wanted scream from the rooftops: I love the 1984 Supergirl film.

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Robert Rodriguez to Write and Direct Warner Bros.’ Live-Action Jonny Quest

Sim, sim, salabim!

After years in development, an adaptation of the Hanna-Barbera classic show, Jonny Quest, may now actually see the light of day as a live-action film, with director Robert Rodriguez at the helm.

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Feminist Lisa Frank Will Knock Your Rainbow Unicorn Socks Off

We love Lisa Frank. Full stop. But we also really appreciate when the internet takes Lisa Frank and injects it with an extra dose of amazing. Like that time we posted "If Lisa Frank Designed The Game Of Thrones House Sigils" or "Our Favorite Nerd Celebrities Are Wearing Lisa Frank." The Feminist Lisa Frank tumblr also makes sure to be inclusive while employing a lovely bit of snark when necessary. We approve.

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But Why, Though? McDonald’s Reboots the Hamburglar as a Legit Creeper

You may never have thought The Hamburglar wasn't creepy but a newly relaunched version from McDonald's sure does kick it up a notch.

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