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The Teletubbies Are Now Coming for … the Fashion Industry?


All four Teletubbies in the series' intro.

Teletubbies have made various comebacks over the years, but I don’t think any of them have been this iconic (except maybe this homage). Now, after stealing half of the television airtime and parents’ hard-earned cash in the late ’90s, they’re coming for the fashion industry—we just know they’re clutching at their pearls.

The Teletubbies made the announcement about their collaboration with luxury fashion designer Christian Cowan on March 10, tweeting, “We like to keep everyone on their toes – especially with these Dipsy boots designed by Christian Cowan ?”

The shoes are high-heeled boots that have Dipsy, the green member of the foursome that either terrorized or brought you weird amounts of joy (for me, it was the latter), on them, and honestly, it’s a look. If I don’t see them on a runway soon, I will riot. Though I don’t know how comfortable they would be to wear, they look kind of heavy.

They would not only hurt your feet but your bank balance, too. They cost an eye-watering $2,500. Cowan, who is known in the world of fashion for his comical designs (he currently also has a Dorito line) said that he wanted to do the line as the characters “match my own design aesthetic.”

“I grew up watching the Teletubbies, so being able to combine that nostalgia with my passion for fashion is a dream come true. The characters’ fun, playful personalities match my own design aesthetic, so I’m excited to launch this new collection to show the Teletubbies in a new light and celebrate them as the stars that they are.”

Other items in the collection include jeans, sweaters, and t-shirts, which are in the range of hundreds of dollars.

The products are currently on presale, but will be shipped between April 15 and May 31.

(featured image: BBC)

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